Press release: 1997-01-08: Sega's Arcade Hit "Virtual On" For Intel's MMX Technology Sets New PC Gaming Standard

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REDWOOD CITY, CA - Januuary 8, 1997 -
Sega's advanced 3D game design technology combined with Intel's PentiumĀ® Processors with MMXTM is setting a new standard for real-time 3D PC gaming. Sega Entertainment is now able to deliver games with unprecedented performance and high-resolution graphics as a result of the enhancements MMX has made to the power of a PC . "Cyber Troopers Virtual On(tm)," Sega Entertainment's first title for PCs with MMX, will be available in February 1997.

With use of the new technology, Sega can now give PC gamers the functionality of the "Virtual On" arcade machine, which features 3D characters in fast-action, hand-to-hand or laser-gun combat that sprint, jump and hide while attempting to defeat the opponent.

"Virtual On" was originally created for arcades with Sega's "Model 2" graphic board for the arcade machine. The MMX technology allows for direct translation from the "Model 2" arcade board and results in stunning graphic effects and rich 3D environments. "Virtual On" also benefits from the speed of MMX technology that permits the game's high-performance gameplay of 30 frames per second in 16-bit color.

In addition to the outstanding graphics and performance, two-player network play (with use of LAN, modem, or serial cables) and two-player split screen mode have been added to "Virtual On" for MMX.

Sega Entertainment will first bring "Virtual On's" exciting 3D experience of free-motion, mechanized warfare to the desktop by making the game available for bundling with PCs that have MMX technology. The game will be sold at retail beginning this spring in the Japanese market and then expand to other world markets later in the year.

"Sega Entertainment is committed to providing thrilling, cutting edge 3D polygon-based, arcade-style action games to PC owners by using our game development knowledge and technology coupled with the power of progressive, emerging technologies, such as MMX, to explore all the exciting possibilities available on the PC platform -'Virtual On' is an excellent result of that commitment," said Shinobu Toyoda, Sega Entertainment president. "'Virtual On' provides intense gameplay and detailed graphics not possible before MMX. This game stands as a shining example of the amazing achievements in PC gaming that Sega can accomplish with advanced technology."

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