Press release: 1997-02-19: PC Gamers Buckle Up And Brace Themselves For The Ultimate Off-Road Arcade Racing Game

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Sega Entertainment Releases Arcade Hit Sega Rally Championship Optimized For PC And Featuring Head-To-Head Network Play

REDWOOD CITY, CA - February 19, 1997 --
Sega Entertainment is bringing the thrill of off-road arcade racing to PCs today with the shipment of "Sega Rally Championship PC." With an arcade-perfect translation delivering all the authentic racing fun of the original game and new features like network play, novice and expert PC gamers will have a blast with the game's challenging courses, customizable cars and realistic graphics as they race to the finish.

Game Features
Optimized for Pentium-powered PCs with Windows 95, "Sega Rally Championship" offers head-to-head action with network gameplay possible with TCP/IP, IPX and Modem Link. "Sega Rally Championship PC" also features 3D polygon-based graphics and backgrounds that actually render-on-the-fly. The game provides two racing perspectives, six distinctive cars that can be customized through the CAR EDIT feature, and four challenging courses - desert, forest, mountain and a bonus lakeside course - for off-road racing at its best.

"'Sega Rally Championship PC' is the second title under the Sega Racing brand following, 'Daytona USA,' and it truly showcases the awesome racing experience the PC can offer," says Jill Braff, product manager, Sega Entertainment. "No other PC racing game delivers this type of arcade racing to the home PC and, with network play, gamers can enjoy unending replay value."

System Requirements
The game requires a 75 MHz Pentium processor/Window 95 with 16 MB RAM and Super VGA video card with 1 MB of video RAM. Sega Entertainment also recommends a Sound Blaster, or compatible sound card, and 640 x 480 high resolution graphics with 16-bit colors for greater impact. For additionally superior gameplay, Sega Entertainment recommends a Pentium 133 or higher, Super VGA video card with 2 MB or greater video RAM and a 4X CD-ROM. "Sega Rally Championship PC" is also compatible with PCs with MMX technology.

Consumer Sweepstakes and Contest With Toyota
To support the launch of "Sega Rally Championship," Sega Entertainment is conducting a national "Win A Toyota Rav4" consumer sweepstakes at 130 CompUSA stores nationwide. Because Toyota cars are featured in the game, the sweepstakes is a natural tie-in. An online contest is also open for consumers to enter by playing the "Sega Rally Championship PC" demo posted on Sega Entertainment's website followed by completing a quiz about the demo. After the quiz, online contest participants will be entered into a drawing to win a trip for two to the Toyota Grand Prix and a day at the Fast Lane Racing School, the "official racing school of Toyota Motorsports."

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