Press release: 1997-02-26: Sega Extends Its Greatest Videogame Promotion Ever

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Three Hit Arcade Games Free With Sega Saturn Purchase Now Through May 31

REDWOOD CITY, CA - February 26, 1997 --
Sega� of America today announced its plans to extend the special "threepack" retail promotion for the Sega SaturnTM videogame system now through May 31, 1997. For every Sega Saturn purchased, Sega will give the customer a special free "threepack" of arcade translation hits including "Daytona USATM," "Virtua FighterTM 2" and "Virtua CopTM."

Sega's "threepack" promotion will run alongside the current mail-in offer of "buy 2 get 1 free" coupon which includes many of the company's top-selling titles.

The "threepack" promotion, which began this past holiday season, was the most successful offer ever for the Sega Saturn system. From Thanksgiving through December 1996, Sega Saturn retail sales rose more than 500% and market share jumped 13 percentage points in December. The extended promotion will be supported by television and in-store advertising which will run from now through March 30, 1997.

Threepack Extended
"Sega is committed to bring the best promotional offers and software value to the Sega Saturn customer," said Ted Hoff, executive vice president, Sega of America. "This promotion is running in conjunction with our "buy 2 get 1 free" software offer making it the best reward for gamers who want great titles and real value in next generation gaming."

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