Press release: 1997-06-16: Sega PC Revs Up On Starting Grid For Formula Karts PC CD-ROM Launch

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Sega PC Revs Up On Starting Grid For Formula Karts PC CD-ROM Launch

16th June, 1997

Formula Karts, gaming's most realistic kart racing title yet will be launched on the 26th June to bring all the thrill of 'low down and dirty' driving to the Pentium desktop.

At £34.99 Formula Karts is a stunning 3D simulation featuring polygon karts racing on eight tracks, with motion-sampled driver animation and realistic handling. The choice of tracks has been constructed with advanced polygon rendering and offer a variety of road surfaces and corners to test even the most experienced drivers.

Other features include single race and championship options, three skill levels and advanced artificial intelligence to ensure that computer controlled drivers feature unique driving styles and capabilities.

The new title has a host of in-game features for extra appeal for players of all ages and karting enthusiasts including multiplayer options, choice of gameplay modes and different skill levels. The game was created by leading British developer Manic Media - the same team that produced the top-selling PC CD-Rom titles, Super Karts and its sequel, Manic Karts.

FORMULA KARTS - Features Summary

    Perspective corrected 3D Graphics Engine
    8-bit and 16-bit graphics modes on PC
    8 polygon tracks
    Wide variety of road surfaces with different characteristics
    Single Race, Arcade and Championship options
    Three skill levels
    Accurately modelled kart dynamics
    Advanced AI means computer controlled drivers feature unique driving styles
    Polygon karts with motion sampled driver animation
    8 different teams
    Support for 8-player IPX/wireplay network
    Support for 2-player link play
    Direct support for Thrustmaster T1/T2 

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