Press release: 1997-06-23: Sega Teams With Underground DJs To Create Dance Club Mix From Hit Video Game

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Worldwide Debut of "Fighters: The Sega Project" Slated for July 25

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (June 23, 1997) --
Sega® of America has joined forces with two of the world's top underground DJs, Commander Tom and DJ MARS, to create a dance club mix from the music in its hit game for Sega SaturnTM, "Fighters MegaMixTM." The song, titled "Fighters: The Sega Project," will debut on KLYY FM's radio show "Liphted" in Los Angeles this Friday, July 25 and will be released as a single on Commander Tom's upcoming CD in September.

Commander Tom and DJ MARS are known by radio stations and clubs around the world for their intricate beats and dance tracks. "Fighters: The Sega Project" features music found in the actual game combined with the talented duo's popular underground style to create a dance club hit. Sega will be conducting a wide-scale promotion for the song, which will be available in August online through the Sega website (, then through Commander Tom's new CD in September.

Lead industry magazine DJ Trax has chosen "Fighters: The Sega Project" as an upcoming single to be sent to 60 DJs in the Los Angeles area for evaluation and to play in their clubs. In addition, radio stations in New York and Los Angeles will be giving away the mix to listeners after the song's debut.

"This song gives us a new avenue for reaching the important youth audience," said Bernard Stolar, chief operating officer, Sega of America. "We think of our games as being total entertainment experiences -- `Fighters: The Sega Project' builds on that theory."

The song itself started as a promotional give-away item. Sega approached DJ MARS and Commander Tom after hearing of their reputation in the music industry and their love for video games. Sega provided the music and sounds from the game and let the DJs do what they do best. Sega will make samples of the song available through Real AudioTM audio streaming off the Sega website so consumers can hear and enjoy the DJ mix live, in addition to radio airplay.

"Commander Tom has been playing video games for years and I always wanted to do something with a company like Sega," said DJ MARS. "We feel the mix accurately conveys all the action found in the game, while staying true to the dance club scene."

"Fighters MegaMix" was released in May of this year and has risen to the top of the sales charts, becoming the number one-selling game for Sega Saturn this year. The game combines the characters from two of Sega's most popular franchises, the Virtua FightersTM series and "Fighting VipersTM."

"Fighters MegaMix" allows players to challenge opponents as any one of 32 unique fighters in 21 arenas. Next Generation magazine, one of the industry's leading video game publications, called "Fighters MegaMix" the "ultimate fighting game."

Commander Tom is the driving force behind the Noom record label, Germany's top-selling trance record label. DJ MARS, a San Francisco dance club staple, is also the owner of Frequency 8 -- America's first record store dedicated entirely to trance music.

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