Press release: 1997-10-20: Weapon-Based Fighting Comes To Sega Saturn And PC With Sega's "Last Bronx"

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (October 20, 1997) --
Arm yourself! Sega® is bringing weapon-based street fighting from the arcades to the Sega Saturn® and PC with "Last BronxTM." Sega has taken its legendary expertise in arcade fighting games, combined it with all new characters and hi-resolution graphics and added one more brutal element -- true-to-life martial arts weapons in "Last Bronx." The battle begins this week when "Last Bronx" arrives in stores nationwide. The PC version will follow with two player network play in January 1998.

Set in the streets of Tokyo, gamers can choose from one of eight new fighting characters, each a leader from a different street gang who has their own fighting style and one of eight unique weapons. For those tough enough to uncover them, various weapons are hidden (including a frozen tuna!), making gameplay even more interesting. With lightning speed at 60 frames per second, smooth character control, dramatic lighting effects, intricate backgrounds and detailed characters, "Last Bronx" continues the tradition of strong Sega fighting classics set by games such as "Virtua FighterTM" and "Fighting VipersTM."

"'Last Bronx' is a hard core fighting game that packs more than a punch," said Lydia Gable, marketing group director, Sega of America. "From all the hidden weapons to uncover to the numerous moves to perfect, 'Last Bronx' offers gamers unbelievable replay value that will keep them coming back for more."

In "Last Bronx," players must arm themselves for the ultimate street fight, choosing a character equipped with his/her own deadly signature weapon. Whether you choose Zaimoku who uses a wooden mallet to pummel the opposition, Joe who fights with the nunchaku or the fast and flexible Nagi who uses her deadly sais, you are in for the fight of your life. Additional weapons in "Last Bronx" include a staff, boken, tonfas, san setsu kon (three section staff) and the escrima (fighting sticks).

"Last Bronx" also has a unique twist. Imagine facing your next opponent armed with corn-on-the-cob -- if you have the skills, then you can! After defeating all opponents, players can fight as their favorite characters using hidden weapons. Ranging from a frozen tuna to an umbrella, a fork and a spoon, all hidden weapons in "Last Bronx" are sure to make your fight amusing and different from any other fighting game anywhere.

The game also features eight fighting backgrounds, based on true locations in Tokyo including subways, airports and construction yards. The five different modes of play include Arcade Mode, Vs. Mode, Survival Mode, Time Attack Mode and Watch Mode. A Training Mode allows players to prepare by perfecting combinations explained on screen or by freestyle fighting against a defenseless training dummy. In addition, gamers can get to know characters' backgrounds by watching movies describing the storyline behind the winning character in the Saturn Mode. The U.S. version features a new Portrait Mode which unveils new character art for the true fan.

"Last Bronx" for Sega Saturn will be available this week in retail stores nationwide for a suggested SRP of $49.99. The PC version will be available in January 1998.

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