Press release: 2000-04-25: Gamers Put the Pedal to the Metal in F1 World Grand Prix for Sega Dreamcast

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Officially Licensed Game Pits Players Against the Likes of Schumacher, Irvine and Hakkinen

Hold on to your controllers, it's going to be a close race! Sega(R) of America announced today the release of the action-packed racing game "F1 World Grand Prix(TM)" for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(TM).

Officially licensed to Video Systems by Formula One Administration Limited, "F1 World Grand Prix" allows gamers to compete as themselves or assume the identity of renowned racers such as Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvine or Mika Hakkinen. This game features all 22 Formula One cars and drivers, as well as tracks and weather conditions recreated with painstaking detail based on FIA 1998 data (FIA is Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, the world-wide motor sport governing branch). With amazing 3D graphics, realistic gameplay, and extensive creative control over game options, players are immersed in the most realistic Formula One competition racing game ever, only made possible by the advanced technology of Sega Dreamcast.

Some aspects that make "F1 World Grand Prix" such a realistic endeavor are the amazing 3D graphics and animated sequences. Superb environmental effects can replicate the exact weather conditions of specific days from the 1998 season. Crowds, pit crews, backdrops and stands are all painstakingly rendered in sharp detail. Gamers can see the crowd move and react to individual drivers' performances by waving flags and cheering in the stands. Sponsors' names can also be clearly seen around the track walls right down to the company car logos printed on the steering wheel. The opening intro, pit stops and winning and losing sequences put gamers in the front row seat of the race. In fact, every aspect of attending a race is covered in the game except for the smell of burning rubber.

Another element that sets "F1 World Grand Prix" apart from other racing games is the extensive amounts of creative control gamers have over the cars and racing conditions. Players can customize every aspect of their vehicle including gear ratio, suspension, front and rear wing angles, brake balance, brake sensitivity, tire type and steering to match the needs of the driver's style and the different environments. Players can also alter the weather, number of laps, starting positions, flag usage and are given the option of turning off car damage to make their vehicle indestructible. Advanced telemetry readouts, 3D cockpits detailed with realistic driver animations and two virtual views, and an artificial intelligence that recreates drivers' true-to-life-driving styles make this the definitive Formula One racing game.

"Only on Sega Dreamcast is it possible to recreate the 1998 Grand Prix season in such amazing graphical detail," said Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications, Sega of America. "Sega is dedicated to bringing consumers the most realistic and exciting gameplay experiences possible and we think that racing and non-racing fans alike will enjoy the adrenaline rush and non-stop action that `F1 World Grand Prix' has to offer Dreamcast gamers."

"F1 World Grand Prix" not only offers detailed graphics, it provides players with realistic gameplay via four different competitive modes, including Championship, Single Race, Time Attack and Match Race. In Championship mode, gamers must prove their worth by conquering all 16 races based on the Formula One Grand Prix '98 season, with events being replayed such as drivers' pit stops, retiring records and engine blow outs. Single Race mode permits players to choose from individual races in the season and is ideal for practicing and improving their driving techniques for the final race of the '98 Formula One Grand Prix. Time Attack mode allows players to polish up their skills by racing against the "Ghost Car," which is a replica of the vehicle that holds the gamers' current or loaded best lap, and Match Race allows gamers the opportunity to leave their friends in the dust with a friendly one-on-one competition.

The replay value of "F1 World Grand Prix" is amazing with precisely replicated locations of actual circuit cameras to allow players to watch their own races as if viewing live coverage on TV. Replays can be watched in a plethora of views including TV Camera, On Board Camera, Front Suspension and Cockpit. Players can now boast about their winning run while watching the replay with their friends. While driving, gamers also have the option of five different views to choose from and can move from view to view with ease.

"F1 World Grand Prix" is currently available at retailers nationwide and at for $39.95.

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In the first 24 hours of availability, Sega Dreamcast netted over $97 million at retail, more than tripling the past entertainment industry record set by Star Wars: The Phantom Menace at $28 million on its first day. Since it launched, Sega Dreamcast has sold almost 2 million units, beating sales milestones set by other high-profile consumer and electronics products such as Tickle Me Elmo(TM) and Apple's iMac.

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