Press release: 2000-08-22: Sega Unleashes D2, a Mature Cinematic Shiver-Filled Survival Epic for Dreamcast

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Sega Unleashes D2, a Mature Cinematic Shiver-Filled Survival Epic for Dreamcast; Genres Collide in D2 with Its Combination of First and Third-Person Gameplay


Reality TV shows don't come close to the survival techniques required to succeed at "D2(TM)." Sega(R) of America, Inc. announced today the release of "D2" for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(TM) videogame console. Spanning four GD-ROMS and combining first- and third-person action, this epic game features gripping hands-on gameplay and Full Motion Videos (FMV) of cinematic proportions. "D2" was developed by Warp's Kenji Eno, the creator of such notable titles as "D(TM)" and "Enemy Zero(TM)."

In "D2," players follow the adventure of Laura Parton as she attempts to survive in creature-packed and snow-punishing conditions. The story begins after a meteorite strikes Laura's airplane, and she finds herself revived from the wreck by a woman named Kimberly. Stranded in a cabin in a vast snowy region of the Canadian mountains, they must deal with dozens of different alien creatures roaming the area outside while seeking out clues to unlock the mystery behind what has happened to the rest of their plane's crew. Realistic terrain and ever-changing weather conditions add to the urgency of Laura's real-time plight through the tundra in "D2."

"With a deep and horrifying story-line that includes both first to third person gameplay, 'D2' provides an immerse gaming adventure that will leave players engrossed for hours," said Rob Alvarez, product manager, Sega of America. "The array of gameplay modes combined with the eerie aesthetic of 'D2' adds a new twist to the popular survival-horror game genre."

The world of "D2" is packed with four major modes of action including challenging battle sequences, authentic high-power hunting, multiple modes of exploration and the ability to take pictures of your surroundings. Traveling freely on foot or steering a snowmobile through the cinematic environment, players can take, store and add captions to photos for a personal "D2" photo album or slideshow.

Players depend on the Visual Memory Unit (VMU) to store game data and for information on Laura's whereabouts. The VMU displays a compass that will help direct players during exploration. "D2" is also Jump Pack compatible for an extra surge effect. "D2" is available for $49.95 at retailers nationwide and at

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