Press release: 2000-10-25: Infogrames, Inc. Sends Down and Dirty Destruction Racing to Stores This Week With Demolition Racer--No Exit for Sega Dreamcast

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 25, 2000

Destruction Racing Game Offers All-New Cars And Power-Ups, An Improved Scoring System, And A Hot Licensed Soundtrack

Infogrames, Inc., (Nasdaq:IFGM) a global developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that its action racing game, Demolition Racer(TM)--No Exit(TM), for Sega(R) Dreamcast(TM) is shipping to stores this week. The game lets players participate in fast action demolition derby races with 16 cars on a track at one time. Demolition Racer--No Exit for Sega Dreamcast offers all of the great gameplay the franchise is known for, with enhanced graphics and many new Dreamcast-only features.

"Forget whatever game you're playing now," said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for sports and racing titles at Infogrames, Inc. "With handling as smooth as butter, dazzling graphics, gratifying destruction and all-out insane gameplay, you won't be able to tear yourself away from this game."

Running at 60 frames per second, Demolition Racer--No Exit offers brand new cars, tracks and power-ups along with enhanced artificial intelligence and a more accurate scoring system. The game lets players participate in action-packed races with 16 cars competing against each other on 12 different tracks. In order to be successful, players must cause massive damage to opponents' cars, while also concentrating on racing well and finishing high in the pack. Damage points and one's placement in the race are combined with a multiplier to determine the winner of each race.

Demolition Racer--No Exit offers 12 all-new highly detailed cars with environment mapping. Players can race against several different car types on one track, including demolition derby-style vehicles, muscle cars and sports cars.

Set in unique environments, the game's 10 new tracks feature an aircraft carrier, a country road, a parking garage, a storm drain, a scrap yard and traditional speedways. Players can compete in several types of demolition derby events, including demolition racing, bowl matches, stock car racing, last man standing, suicide racing and the new No Exit mode.

Following a collision, vehicles catch fire, billow smoke and visibly show damage, such as wobbly tires and dents, while hoods and other car parts fly off. Gameplay includes colossal jumps, shortcuts, collidable objects, with huge points awarded for a T-bone hit and a one-hit takeout move that occurs when a car catches air and lands on top of another car.

In an effort to keep up the fast-paced action in Demolition Racer--No Exit, players can earn health points for their car by picking up strategically placed repair power-ups. Other power-ups include boxes with huge bonus points and a power-up that allows the player who obtains it to "steal" the health from an opponent's car upon hitting it.

The licensed soundtrack for Demolition Racer--No Exit includes six new songs exclusive to the Dreamcast version along with an additional band. Music from such bands as Road Runner Records' alternative band, Fear Factory; Moonshine Music's break beat trio, Cirrus and British techno-dance music trio, Empirion. Also included are tracks from industry veteran, Tommy Tallarico, a remix from Holland's mix-master, Junkie XL, and music from the Coffee Boys, a band new to the soundtrack.

Developed by The Pitbull Syndicate, Demolition Racer--No Exit will be available in most major retail outlets for an estimated retail price of $39.99. For more information visit the Web site at

Based in New York, NY, Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is a majority-owned subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment SA (Paris Bourse: SICOVAM 5257) and serves as the headquarters for the company's operations in North America.

Infogrames Entertainment SA is a worldwide leader in the interactive entertainment software industry. Headquartered in France, the company develops and publishes award-winning computer and video games for the PlayStation(R) game console, PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system, Microsoft(R) Xbox, Nintendo(R) 64, Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) Color, Sega(R) Dreamcast(TM), Macintosh(R), and personal computer platforms. Founded in 1983 by chairman and CEO Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames has published many award-winning franchises in its 17-year history, such as Alone In The Dark(TM), Test Drive(R), Driver(TM), Deer Hunter(R), Oddworld(TM), Unreal(TM), and V-Rally(TM). The company is also known for its best-selling and award-winning line of children's entertainment software from Humongous Entertainment(R) starring Putt-Putt(R), Freddi Fish(TM), Pajama Sam(R) and SPY Fox(TM), as well as its successful Macintosh publishing label, Macsoft, the number one publisher of Macintosh entertainment software. In addition, Infogrames has a number of key strategic licenses including Warner Bros. Looney Tunes(TM), Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues(TM), AM General Hummer(R), and Harley-Davidson(R). For more information, visit Infogrames' US Web site at
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