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The following is a list of references to Sega in film, television, and print.

For references specific to Sonic the Hedgehog, see References to Sonic in film, television, and printed media.


Film Release date Description Screenshots
Carry On Spying 1964-07-29 A Diamond 3 Star slot machine is briefly seen in Hakim's Fun House. References CarryOnSpying slotmachine.jpg
Jaws 1975-06-20 Killer Shark is seen being played at a seaside arcade.[1] References Jaws KillerShark.jpg
Nightmares 1983-09-09 The second story of the 1983 anthology horror film Nightmares, titled The Bishop of Battle, prominently features Sega Center Fox Hills Mall as its setting. References Nightmares Film SegaCenterFoxHillsMall.png
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984-04-13 A character is shown playing Zaxxon. References Film Fridaythe13thFinalChapter Zaxxon.jpg
Top Kids 1987-04-01 A character is shown to own an OutRun machine. References Film TopKids OutRun.png
Can't Buy Me Love 1987-08-14 A character is shown playing Enduro Racer. References Film CantBuyMeLove EnduroRacer.png
Big 1988-06-03 Towards the end of the film, an OutRun arcade cabinet can be seen. References Film Big Outrun.png
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991-07-01 Protagonist John Conner plays After Burner in an arcade. References Terminator2 AfterBurner.png
Suburban Commando 1991-10-04 Hulk Hogan plays After Burner so intensively the arcade machine breaks. References Film SuburbanCommando AfterBurner.png
Juice 1992-01-17 A Sega Master System controller can be seen in one scene. References Film Juice SMSController.png
Police Story 3: Supercop 1992-07-04 The criminal overlord Chaibat is seen playing the Mega Drive version of Tetris, but the scene strangely uses sound effects from the arcade version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. References PoliceStory3Supercop Film Tetris MegaDrive.png
Sliver 1993-05-21 An NTSC Model 1 Sega Genesis and Sega CD are seen in the background of one character's home.[2] References Sliver Film MegaDrive MegaCD.jpeg
Surf Ninjas 1993-08-20 Game Gear[3] References SurfNinjas GameGear.png
Angie 1994-03-04 A character mentions her kids are being babysitted by a Sega. References Film Angie SegaBabysitter.png
Airheads 1994-08-05 Multiple characters in the film are seen playing Game Gears, with one security guard playing Aerial Assault.[4] References Airheads Film GameGear AerialAssault.png
Bodyguard Kiba: Apocalypse of Carnage 1994-10-22 An extra can be seen playing Virtua Fighter in the background. References BodyGuard Film VirtuaFighter.png
Rumble in the Bronx 1995-01-21 Keung gives a child a Sega Game Gear (calling it "his old video game"), which the child is happily able to play despite not having a game cartridge inserted.[5] References RumbleintheBronx GameGear.png
Billy Madison 1995-02-10 During lunchtime at an elementary school cafeteria, Madison argues with another student about which is the best video game ever: Donkey Kong, or the Mega Drive release of Mortal Kombat.[6] References BillyMadison Film MortalKombat.png
Man of the House 1995-03-03 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter. References Film ManOfTheHouse VirtuaFighter.png
The Net 1995-07-28 A character tells another another character that if he gets good grades, he can spend time with Nintendo and Sega. References Film TheNet SegaGrades.png
Clockers 1995-09-15 Tyrone carries a Sega VR headset (actually a prop) and wears a Genesis CDX around his neck, which he later uses to play the fictional Sega VR game Gangsta. In another scene, a character is shown cleaning a Virtua Fighter machine. SegaVR Clockers prop.png

SegaVR Clockers prop 3.png

References Film Clockers VirtuaFighter.png
Mallrats 1995-10-20 NHL All-Star Hockey and a Sega Saturn make an appearance in the film.[7] Allegedly, the film's producers originally wanted to use a Mega Drive and a 16-bit hockey game in said scenes, but Sega insisted that the film feature the company's newest technology, and a Saturn was used instead.[8] References Mallrats NHLAllStarHockey.png
Ghost in the Shell 1995-11-18 The film's famous "water fight" scene was significantly inspired by Virtua Fighter 2. Directors Kazuchika Kise and Mamoru Ishii played a great deal of the game during the movie's production, and per Oshii, “When people ask about Ghost, I actually think of VF2”. This led to the character Kusanagi using Lau’s Renkan Tenshinkyaku attack during the scene.[9] References GhostintheShell Film VirtuaFighter2 RenkanTenshinkyaku concept.jpg
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995-12-01 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter. References ThingsToDoWhenYoureDead Film VirtuaFighter.png
Four Rooms 1995-12-25 Characters are seen playing Rambo 3 on a Mega Drive. References Film FourRooms Rambo1.png

References Film FourRooms Rambo2.png
The Juror 1996-02-02 The protagonist's son is seen playing a blue Sega Sports-version Game Gear, and earlier says to his mother, "Mom, it's not a Nintendo, it's a Sega!" References TheJuror Film GameGear.png
Generation X 1996-02-20 A character plays Virtua Fighter 2 so intensively it causes their mutant powers to activate. References Film GenerationX VirtuaFighter2.png
Goodbye South, Goodbye 1996-05-12 A character is seen playing Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. References GoodbyeSouthGoodbye Film AlexKiddintheEnchantedCastle.png
First Kid 1996-08-30 A CD of Sega Worldwide Soccer 97 can be seen in the background. References Film FirstKid WorldwideSoccer97.png
Swingers 1996-10-18 A character is seen playing NHLPA Hockey '93. References Swingers Film NHLPAHockey93.png
Black Mask 1996-11-09 A number of popular Japanese Saturn titles are shown, such as Darius Gaiden and X-Men: Children of the Atom, in addition to a scene where a tied-up woman plays Virtua Fighter with her feet.[7] References BlackMask Saturn.png
Jerry Maguire 1996-12-13 While speaking to a client, Maguire says "I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial, starring you, broadcast during the Superbowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens. I'll give you fifteen minutes to call me back."[10] References JerryMaguire Film Segacommercial.png
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy 1997-03-26 Goku Jr. is shown playing a video game console roughly similar to a Sega Saturn. References DragonBallGTHerosLegacy Saturn.png
Chasing Amy 1997-04-04 Characters are seen playing a NHL game on a Mega Drive. References Film ChasingAmy NHL1.png

References Film ChasingAmy NHL2.png
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997-05-02 Scott asks Dr. Evil, “Hey, I can bring my Sega, right?”[11] References AustinPowers Film MySega.png
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997-05-19 The daughter of Ian Malcolm doesn't want to stay with his friend because "She doesn't even have Sega! She's such a troglodyte.", to which Ian responds, "Cruel, but good word use."[12] References JurassicParkTheLostWorld Film DoesnthaveSega.png
Paws 1997-09-25 Protagonist Alex owns a poster of NiGHTS and Reala from NiGHTS into Dreams.[13] References Paws Film NiGHTS Reala.png
Task Force 1997-11-13 A character is shown diving and shooting in classic action film fashion, but instead of shooting someone, it turns out he is actually playing Virtua Cop on a Sega Saturn. References Film TaskForce VirtuaCop1.jpg

References Film TaskForce VirtuaCop2.jpg
Home Alone 3 1997-12-12 Protagonist Alex Pruitt uses a number of small items and gadgets to defend his home from criminals; among these is a yellow Game Gear sporting black buttons[14] - an unreleased American prototype of the blue Sega Sports Game Gear.[15] While not appearing in the film itself, the Game Gear is shown on virtually all of Home Alone 3's promotional posters and flyers. References HomeAlone3 GameGear.jpeg
The Replacement Killers 1998-02-06 An Altered Beast arcade cabinet can be seen during a scene where the protagonists are chased down in an arcade. References ReplacementKillers AlteredBeast.png
Cucciolo 1998-04-10 Protagonist Mimmo visits SegaWorld London, showing off various Sega arcade games and attractions. References Cucciolo SegaWorld London.jpg
Bulworth 1998-05-15 Characters are seen playing Virtua Cop 2 on a Sega Saturn. Referenes Film Bulworth VirtuaCop1.png

Referenes Film Bulworth VirtuaCop2.png
Dead Man on Campus 1998-08-21 One scene features a character playing an off-screen game with a Saturn Control Pad.[16] References DeadManonCampus Film SaturnControlPad.png
Bio Zombie 1998-11-06 A white Sega Saturn can be seen early on, which in a later scene the characters use to play The House of the Dead. References Film BioZombie HouseOfTheDead1.png

References Film BioZombie HouseOfTheDead2.png

References Film BioZombie HouseOfTheDead3.png
She's All That 1999-01-19 In one scene, a Manx TT Superbike arcade machine can be seen. Later on, the characters have a conversation about playing Sega. References Film ShesAllThat ManxTTSuperbike.png

References Film ShesAllThat Sega.png
Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris 1999-03-06 A fictional Dreamcast game titled Nevenyrrl serves as one of the film's crucial plot points.[17] References Gamera3 Film Dreamcast.png

References Gamera3 Film Dreamcast B.png
Smart House 1999-06-26 Several Sega Saturn games can be seen Ben's shelf, including NiGHTS into Dreams..., Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight and Sega Worldwide Soccer 97. References SmartHouse Film SegaSaturnCollection.png
The New Girlfriend 1999-09-15 One scene takes place in an arcade where a Daytona USA cabinet can be seen. References Film TheNewGirlfriend Daytona.png
3 Strikes 2000-03-01 A character is seen playing Virtua Cop 2 on a Sega Saturn. References Film 3Strikes VirtuaCop2.png
The Other Me 2000-09-08 Protagonist Will Browning is seen playing Flag to Flag on a Dreamcast, albeit with the logo removed from the controller. References Film AnotherMe FlagToFlag.png
The Crimson Rivers 2000-09-27 Characters can be seen playing Virtua Fighter 3 on a Dreamcast. References TheCrimsonRivers Movie VirtuaFighter3.png
Dude, Where's My Car? 2000-12-15 At Captain Stu's Space-o-Rama, several Sega arcade machines can be spotted: Virtua Striker, Daytona USA 2, Alien 3: The Gun, The House of the Dead and Sega Ski Super G. References Film DudeWheresMyCar ArcadeMachines1.png

References Film DudeWheresMyCar ArcadeMachines2.png

References Film DudeWheresMyCar ArcadeMachines3.png

References Film DudeWheresMyParty SegaSkiSuperG.png
Donnie Darko 2001-01-19 A character is shown playing OutRun. References Film DonnieDarko Outrun.jpg
Pulse 2001-02-03 A copy of Grandia, as well as a loose manual for Torico, are seen on one character's desk. References Pulse Film Grandia Torico.jpeg
Josie and the Pussycats 2001-04-11 The Dreamcast games Space Channel 5 and Crazy Taxi, alongside a Dreamcast Kiosk, can be seen in the background of a video store, with the titular band later performing a concert at the fictional Sega Megarena venue.[18] Sonic scene member biggestsonicfan asked the film's directors about said references, to which it was revealed that although the filmmakers had full permission to use everything that appears in the final film, none of them were actually paid product placements.[18] SpaceChannel 5 JosieandthePussycats productplacement.png
Baby Boy 2001-06-27 A character can be seen playing Ready 2 Rumble Boxing.[19] References BabyBoy Ready2RumbleBoxing.png
Training Day 2001-10-05 Protagonist Jake Hoyt's son uses a Dreamcast controller to play a video game off-screen, despite using 8-bit sound effects. References Film TrainingDay DreamcastController.png
Children of the Corn: Revelation 2001-10-09 Two characters are shown playing The House of the Dead. References Film ChildrenoftheCornRevelation HouseoftheDead.png
The Wash 2001-11-16 Snoop Dogg can be seen playing NBA 2K2.[19][20] References TheWash NBA2K.png
Bazooka Tooth 2002-xx-xx In a background shot, several rappers are seen freestyling to beats played from a CD inserted into a Dreamcast.[21] References BazookaTooth Film Dreamcast.png
Run Ronnie Run! 2002-01-20 Early on in the film, a character is shown playing Dead or Alive 2. Later on, he is shown playing it on the Dreamcast, and even emulates Kasumi's moves to fight the criminals. References Film RunRonnieRun DeadOrAlive1.png

References Film RunRonnieRun DeadOrAlive2.png
Bowling for Columbine 2002-05-16 Michael Moore discusses how the United States has higher violence than other countries, despite other countries also having violent media, including noting that violent games come from Japan with footage of people playing Virtua Fighter being shown. References BowlingForCoumbine Movie VirtuaFighter.png
Ping Pong 2002-07-20 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter 4. References PingPong Film VirtuaFighter4.png
Repli-Kate 2002-08-06 The characters play The House of the Dead at an arcade. References Film RepliKate HouseoftheDead1.png

References Film RepliKate HouseoftheDead2.png
Haker 2002-09-27 In the arcade hall, there are several machines from Sega such as Daytona USA and Crazy Taxi. References Haker DaytonaUSA CrazyTaxi.png
Home Alone 4 2002-11-03 A Super Monaco GP arcade cabinet can be seen. References HomeAlone4 Film SuperMonacoGP.png
A Man Apart 2003-04-04 Characters are seen playing NFL 2K. References Film ManApart NFL2k.png
PTU 2003-04-17 One scene takes place in an arcade, where several Sega machines such as Virtua Striker and Virtua Tennis can be seen. References TV PTU VirtuaTennis.jpg
Hajime no Ippo: Champion Road 2003-04-18 Characters are shown playing a game heavily-reminiscent of Fighters Megamix. References Film HajimeNoIppo FightersMeagmix1.png

References Film HajimeNoIppo FightersMeagmix2.png
Malibu's Most Wanted 2003-04-18 After Brad impresses Tec with skills he learned by playing Grand Theft Auto III on his PlayStation 2, Tec asks to borrow the game. When Brad asks if Tec owns a PlayStation 2, he replies by mentioning he owns a "Gamecast". A confused Brad explains "Well there's Gamecube and then there's Dreamcast", to which an agitated Tec admits that it was the only game system he could afford.[22] References MalibusMostWanted Film Gamecast.png
Bagland 2003-08-19 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter 4 on a PlayStation 2. References Bagland Film VirtuaFighter4.png
Lost in Translation 2003-08-29 An ad for Virtua Fighter 4 can be seen. References LostInTranslation Film VirtuaFighter4.jpg
Throw Down 2004-07-15 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter 4. References Film ThrowDown VF4.jpg
Swing Girls 2004-09-11 A character is seen playing Space Channel 5: Part 2. References Film SwingGirls SpaceChannel5.webp
Citizen Dog 2004-12-12 A character is shown playing The House of the Dead at a Sega-focused arcade, including an appearance from a Sonic the Hedgehog standee. References CitizenDog Film HouseoftheDead Sonic.png
Sci-Fighter 2005-05-17 Jet Set Radio Future is visible in the background. References Film SciFighter JetSetRadioFuture.png
Akihabra Geeks 2005-12-27 Documentary on Japan's otaku community. One of the girls in the film mentions becoming addicted to Sakura Wars 2, as it was her only outlet for social interaction. References Film AkihabraGeeks SakuraWars2.png
Kidulthood 2006-03-03 A character is seen playing The House of the Dead III on a Xbox. References Film Kidulthood HouseoftheDead3.png
Click 2006-06-23 An arcade cabinet of OutRun can be seen in the background of a scene. References Film Click Outrun.png
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006-08-04 Around the half-way point of the movie, protagonist Ricky Bobby plays and crashes his car in the arcade game NASCAR Arcade. He is then taunted on-screen by rival Jean Girard, whose success at NASCAR has allowed him to feature in video games. References TalladegaNights NASCARArcade.png
Something Beneath 2007-04-26 A character is seen playing House of the Dead 2 on a Dreamcast. References Film SomethingBeneath HouseOfTheDead2.png
Three Can Play That Game 2007-10-01 A character is seen playing Virtua Fighter 5 on a PlayStation 3. References ThreeCanPlayThatGame Film VirtuaFighter5.png
The Forbidden Kingdom 2008-04-18 Aside from featuring a Dreamcast, the character Jason mentions that the move Buddha Palm was used in the game Virtua Fighter 2 (despite the move being from Virtua Fighter 5).[9][23] References TheForbiddenKingdom Film Dreamcast.jpg
.hack//Quantum 201x-xx-xx A Sega Saturn in seen in a character's bedroom.[24] References dothackQuantum Film Saturn.png
Wreck-It Ralph 2012-10-29 The film features numerous references to Sega, including: References WreckItRalph villainsanonymous.webp
A Fairly Odd Christmas 2012-11-29 An ad for Yakuza can be seen early on in the movie.[27] References Film FairlyOddParents Yakuza.jpg
Your Name 2016-07-03 A Sega Saturn and a Dreamcast controller are visible in one scene. References Film YourName SaturnDreamcast.png
Ready Player One 2018-03-11 A futuristic motorcycle reminiscent of those from Akira features a large sticker of the Sega logo.[28] References ReadyPlayerOne Sega.png
Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018-11-05 Like the first film, Ralph Breaks the Internet continues to feature references to Sega, such as a cameo from Sonic the Hedgehog and the brief appearance of a Virtua Cop cabinet.[29] References RalphBreaksTheInternet VirtuaCop.png
Big Time Adolescence 2019-01-28 A character is shown playing Crazy Taxi on a Dreamcast. References Film BigTimeAdolescence CrazyTaxi1.png

References Film BigTimeAdolescence CrazyTaxi2.png
Guns Akimbo 2019-09-09 A character is told to "stand around looking like end-level bosses from Streets of Rage." References GunAkimbo Film StreetsOfRage.png
Richard Jewell 2019-12-13 One scene features a Sega Saturn.[30] References RichardJewell Film Saturn.png
Sonic the Hedgehog 2020-01-25 A brief shot of a baseball game between two local teams shows the name of their respective towns to be Green Hills (referencing Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone) and Spring Valley (referencing the NiGHTS into Dreams... stage of the same name). References Sonicfilm Film NiGHTSjersey.webp
Boss Level 2020-02-11 The host of a retro gaming meeting mentions Altered Beast among games playable. References BossLevel Film AlteredBeast.png
Fear Street Part One: 1994 2021-07-02 A character is shown playing Castlevania: Bloodlines.[31] References FearStreetPartOne1994 Film CastlevaniaBloodlines.png


Television show Episode Air date Description Screenshots
The Price is Right 1977 Sega-Vision[32] References ThePriceisRight SegaVision.png
The Making of Star Wars 1977-09-16 The 1977 television documentary The Making of Star Wars features an interview with Carrie Fisher filmed at Sega Center Fox Hills Mall. References TheMakingofStarWars TV SegaCenterFoxHillsMall.png
Zillion Season 1 1987 The Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone is a featured character. References TV Zillion OpaOpa.png
Abunai Deka 32 1987-05-17 At around the 8-minute mark, Shooting Master can be seen, followed by a scene in front of a Pasopiard venue. References AbunaiDeka ShootingMaster.png
MTV "In real life, you don't get another quarter." A commercial for MTV's "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign, using footage of a player crashing their car in OutRun. References OutRun MTV InRealLifeYouDontGetAnotherQuarter commercial.png
Sonic Soldier Borgman S01E10 1986-06-15 In the episode "Youma Weapon! Youth from the Past", the characters visit a museum where they can see a Sega Master System. References TV SonicSoldierBorgman MasterSystem.png
Muppet Babies S07E01 1989-12-02 In the episode "It's Only Pretendo", the characters can be seen riding Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, referencing Tengen's unlicensed NES version. References TV MuppetBabies OpaOpa.jpg
MacGyver S06E05 1990-10-22 In the episode "The Wall", MacGyver is seen playing Slap Shot on a Master System. References TV MacGyver MasterSystem.png
Parker Lewis Can't Lose S01E16 1991-02-03 In the episode "Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie", several Mega Drive games such as Michael Jackson's Moonwalker can be seen. A character is also seen playing Altered Beast on Mega Drive. References ParkerLewisCantLose TV Genesis.png

References ParkerLewisCantLose TV AlteredBeast.png

Brookside S01E1036 1991-12-25 Max Farnham receives a Game Gear for Christmas. References TV Brookside GameGear.png
EastEnders S08Exx 1992-07-30 Pete Beale buys Martin Fowler a Game Gear with Sonic the Hedgehog for his birthday. References TV EastEnders GameGear.png
S12E94 1996-08-01 Joe Wicks and Bianca Jackson are shown playing Panzer Dragoon II Zwei on a Sega Saturn. References TV EastEnders BiancaJackson.png

References TV EastEnders BiancaJackson2.png
London's Burning S05E03 1992-10-11 In the episode "Episode 3", a character is seen playing G-LOC: Air Battle. References TV LondonsBurning AirBattle.png
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S01E08 1993-09-14 In the episode "I, Eye Guy", a promotional photograph of an early Sega VR headset design is in a series of background posters.[33] References PowerRangers TV SegaVR.png
2point4 Children S03E03 1993-09-21 In the episode "Badger's Bend", a character becomes addicted to a fictional Mega Drive game called Ninja Badger. References TV 24Children MegaDrive.png
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air S04E16 1994-01-10 In the episode "I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams", a police officer is describing a scene of brutal violence to Mr. Banks. When asked where the officer saw such violence, he responds, "Mortal Kombat by Sega".[34] References FreshPrinceofBelAir TV MortalKombat.png
Weird Science S01E06 1994-04-16 In the episode "Airball Kings", a characters uses a Game Gear to control his High School's Basketball team. References TV WeirdScience GameGear.png
Baywatch S04E19 1994-04-30 In the episode "Western Exposure", Hobie is seen playing The Majors: Pro Baseball on a Game Gear.[10] References Baywatch TV TheMajorsProBaseball GameGear.png
Heartbreak High S01E21 1994-07-20 In the episode "The Phantom of Hartley High", Katerina plays NBA Jam on the Mega Drive. References TV HeartbreakHigh NBAJam.jpg
Home and Away S01E1553 1994-09-14 Jack and Sonia play Virtua Fighter at the arcade. References TV HomeAway VirtuaFighter.png
Seinfeld S06E05 1994-10-27 In the episode "The Couch", when George attempts to rent the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's instead of reading the book, multiple rows of Sega Genesis games can be spotted in the video rental store. Amongst these games are Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. References Seinfeld TV videostore1.jpeg
S08E13 1997-01-30 In the episode "The Comeback", a number of American Mega Drive titles are seen in a video store.[35] References Seinfeld TV videostore2.jpg
S09E18 1998-04-23 In the episode "The Frogger", George Costanza famously tries to preserve his high-score on a Frogger arcade cabinet by franticly pushing it across a busy, multi-lane road; directly parodying the game in both visual perspective and sound effects. References TV Seinfeld Frogger.webp
ER S01E25 1995-05-18 In the episode "Everything Old Is New Again", a doctor gives a patient a Game Gear with Mortal Kombat to play with. References TV ER GameGearMK.png
Fushigi Yûgi S01E07 1995-05-18 In the episode "Going Home", footage of Virtua Fighter 2 is shown at the arcade. References TV FushigiYugi VirtuaFighter.jpg
The X-Files S03E03 1995-06-10 In the episode "D.P.O.", one character is seen playing Virtua Fighter 2.[10] References XFiles TV VirtuaFighter2.png
The Drew Carey Show Various 199x Midway throughout Season 2, a Sega Saturn becomes visible. It is later replaced by a Dreamcast (later replaced by a PlayStation 2), but the Saturn returns in Season 9. References DrewCareyShow Saturn.webp
Various 199x In one episode, after Drew Carey's friend suggests Carey was stuck in bed the day prior because he bought a Sega Saturn, he instead responds, "No, I didn't get Sega, but there was a lot of scoring going on."[36][7] References TV DrewCarey SegaScore.png
Neon Genesis Evangelion S01E23 1996-03-06 In the episode "Tears", Asuka is shown to play a title similarly named to Virtua Fighter on her Sega Saturn, alongside a Sega-branded television set.[37] References Evangelion Saturn.jpeg

References Evangelion TV Saturnpad.png

References Evangelion TV Saturngames.png

References NeonGenesisEvangelion TV AsukaFighter.jpg
Choukou Senshi Changéríon S01E06 1996-05-08 In the episode "Sorry, Jiro", the cast visit Roppongi GiGO where footage of Virtua Cop is shown. References TV ChoukouSenshiChangerion VirtuaCop.png
S01E08 1996-05-22 In the episode "Daughter, Pick a Man!", two characters play Virtua Fighter Remix on a Sega Saturn. References TV ChoukouSenshiChangerion VirtuaFighter.png
Suddenly Susan S01E07 1996-11-07 In the episode "Golden Girl Friday", two characters can be seen playing on a Sega Saturn. When Brooke Shields character loses the game, she asks if she can play as Princess Kitana next, implying they are playing either Mortal Kombat 2 or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. References TV SuddenlySusan SegaSaturn.png
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars S05E25 1996-11-09 In the episode "Butterflies of Light: A New Chapter On the Horizon", Sailor Venus plays a game heavily-reminiscent of Fighting Vipers.[38] References SailorMoonSailorStars TV FightingVipers.png
You’re Under Arrest S01E48 1997-09-06 In the episode "The End of Summer", a Sega Saturn can be seen being repaired.[7] References YoureUnderArrest Saturn.jpg
Connections3 "A Special Place" 1997-12-30 Dennou Senki Net Merc is demonstrated as an example of new and evolving technology. References Connections3 DennouSenkiNetMerc.png
Oha Suta 1998-11-06 Hidekazu Yukawa appeared on the show to promote the launch of the Dreamcast in the Japan. References TV OhaSuta HidekazuYukawa.jpg
Big Wolf on Campus S01E06 1999-05-14 In the episode "The Pleasantville Strangler", an arcade cabinet of Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder can be seen. References BigWolfOnCampus TV GoldenAxe.png
Fun House Season 11 October 1999 In the final series, one of the prizes a contestant can win is a Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure. References TV TopFun Dreamcast.png
The Sopranos S02E10 2000-03-19 In the episode "Bust Out", a character can be seen playing Flag to Flag.[39] References TheSopranos FlagtoFlag.png
South Park S04E01 2000-04-05 In the episode "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000", Cartman discovers the Tooth Fairy is paying a premium price for his lost teeth, he and the boys seize the opportunity to make some cash - with Cartman's ultimate goal being to purchase a Dreamcast. References SouthPark TV Dreamcast.png
The King of Queens S02E21 2000-04-17 In the episode "Big Dougie", a character is seen playing Virtua Fighter. References TV KingOfQueens VirtuaFighter.jpg
S07E16 2005-03-16 In the episode "Black List", a Sega Saturn kiosk can be seen. References TV KingofQueens SegaSaturnKiosk.jpg
Mission Hill S01E05 2000-06-25 In the episode "Andy and Kevin Make a Friend (or One Bang for Two Brothers)", Jim and George are seen playing a game with a pair of Dreamcast Controllers. References MissionHill TV DreamcastController.png
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S01E01 2000-10-06 In the episode "Pilot", a character mentions NFL 2K on the Dreamcast being his favourite game. References TV CSI NFL2k.png
Malcolm in the Middle S02E01 2000-11-05 In the episode "Traffic Jam (Part 2)", Dewey is playing a Dreamcast with a group of other people.[2] References MalcolmintheMiddle TV Dreamcast.png
S02E04 2000-11-15 In the episode "Dinner Out", Malcolm asks Stevie if owns any violent games for his Sega Saturn. Stevie then says he owns a fictional Saturn game called Fishing for Fishes, where a fish can drown. References TV MalcolmIntheMiddle SaturnCase.png
S02E08 2000-11-29 In the episode "Therapy", a Dreamcast box can be seen. References MalcolmintheMiddle TV Dreamcastbox.png
Will & Grace S03E10 2000-12-14 In the episode "Three's a Crowd, Six is a Freak Show", a stack of Dreamcasts can be seen in a toy store.[40] References TV WillGrace SegaDreamcast2.png
MTV Cribs 2001 In one episode, American rapper and producer Redman shows off his house. Early into the tour, Redman shows off his video games, including a Dreamcast.[6][41] References MTVCribs TV Dreamcast.png
200x In one episode, American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan shows off one of their houses, where they are seen playing both NBA 2K and Dead or Alive 2 on a Dreamcast. References MTVCribs WuTang TV DoA2 NBA2K.png
Haunting! Ad Town Heaven 2001-02-24 A journalist visits Sega to see an update on the development of Virtua Fighter 4. References TV HuntingAdTownHaven VF4.png
My Wife and Kids Various 2001 A Dreamcast can be seen played by Michael and Junior in various episodes. The console was replaced with a PlayStation 2 in later episodes.[42][43] References MyWifeandKids Dreamcast.jpeg
Arcade Gamer Fubuki S01E01 2002-02-25 In the episode "1st Stage: Fubuki's Explosive Debut", the characters are seen playing Fantasy Zone. References TV ArcadeGamerFubuki FantasyZone.png
S01E03 2002-08-25 In the episode "3rd Stage: Final Battle! Dad's the overlord!?", the characters are seen playing Virtua Fighter 4 and Fighting Vipers 2. References TV ArcadeGamerFubuki VirtuaFighter4.png

References ArcadeGamerFubuki TV FightingVipers2.png
The Shield S01E01 2002-03-12 In the episode "Pilot", a character can bee seen playing Crazy Taxi.[42] References TheShield CrazyTaxi.png
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius S01E13B 2003-02-17 The titlecard for the episode "Ultra Sheen" uses the Sega logo font.[2] References JimmyNeutron TV Segafont.png
Homestar Runner 2003-06-30 In Strong Bad Email #78, parody Mega Drive cartridges are used as drink coasters. Referred to as "Sega tapes", they continue to make appearances as one of the series' recurring gags. References HomestarRunner TV Segatapes.png
Futurama S04E17 2003-07-13 In the episode "Spanish Fry", Professor Farnsworth exclaims to Fry, "What in Sega Genesis happened to you?" References Futurama TV WhatinSegaGenesis.png
Air Master S01E17 2003-07-23 In the episode "Gather! Street Fighters", one of the characters is a homage to Virtua Fighter's Akira. References TV AirMaster Akira.png
GameCenter CX Various 2003-11-04 The show uses a number of licensed tracks from the 2001 Dreamcast game Headhunter as part of its official soundtrack.
Joan of Arcadia S01E20 2004-04-30 In the episode "Anonymous", Friedman is seen playing The House of the Dead. References JoanOfArcadia TV HouseOfTheDead.png
Cold Case S02E16 2005-03-13 In the episode "Revenge", a character mentions owning a Sega. References TV ColdCase OwnSega.png
Dinosaur King S01E06 2007-03-04 In the episode "Don't Mess with Maiasaura/Mother is Stronger! Maiasaura", a Dreamcast alongside Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! and Sega Rally 2 can be seen. References DinosaurKing TV Dreamcast.png
Lucky Star S01E03 2007-04-22 In the episode "Various People", two characters play Virtua Fighter 4 on a PlayStation 2. References TV LuckyStar VirtuaFighter4.png
The Culture Show S06E02 2007-05-12 Charlie Brooker compares the dancers to "gay Virtua Fighter." References TheCultureShow TV VirtuaFighter.png
Arthur S11E137 2007-06-25 In the episode "Arthur Sells Out", the characters are seen playing on a Dreamcast. References Arthur TV Dreamcast.png
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei S01E07 2007-08-11 In the episode "Confessions of a Pen Name", Zakuro Chinmyoji and Zakuro Taisen are puns of Sakura Shinguji and Sakura Wars. References TV SayonaraZetsubouSensei SakuraWars.png
Bamboo Blade S01E16 2008-01-23 In the episode "Kirino's Absence and the Preliminary Tournament", a Sega Saturn can be seen. References TV BambooBlade SegaSaturn.png
Vecinos S03E02 2008-01-27 In the episode "A New Administrator", a character is seen playing a Dreamcast. References TV Vecinos Dreamcast.png
Hayate the Combat Butler S01E44 2008-02-03 In the episode "Mystery Behind the 120% Acceptance Rate (Temp.)", Kohan Li from Sakura Wars is a featured character. References HayateTheComberDestroyer TV SakuraWars.png
Penguin Musume S01E20 2008-11-01 The episode "Sakura in Trouble!?" is pronounced "Sakura Taihen!?", a direct reference to Sakura Wars. References PenguinGirl Tv SakuraTaisen.png
Gavin & Stacey S02E08 2008-12-24 In the episode "The Christmas Announcement", a kid asks Santa for the latest Xbox, to which Santa replies he may get a Mega Drive instead. References GavinStacey TV MegaDrive.png
Skins S03E07 2009-03-05 In the episode "JJ", Emily Fitch is seen wearing a Virtua Fighter shirt. References TV Skins VirtuaFighterShirt.png
Gin Tama S04E17 2009-07-23 In the episode "Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts Too", the robot Tama is infected with a virus, and changes her appearance to that of older video game characters numerous times. One of her transformations is a polygonal, Virtua Fighter-esque design.[44] References Gintama TV VirtuaFighter Tama.png
Midnight Diner S01E07 2009-11-20 In the episode "Tamago Sando", a character is seen holding a Dreamcast controller while soundbits from Crazy Taxi can be heard in the background. References MidnightDiner TV Dreamcast.jpg
Durarara!! S01E22 2010-06-11 In the episode "Declaration of Disbandment", Celty and Shinra are seen playing a Sega Saturn (equipped with a Extended RAM Cartridge) alongside the jewel cases for NiGHTS into Dreams and a second game. References Durarara TV Saturn NiGHTS.png
Weeds S06E02 2010-08-23 In the episode "Felling and Swamping", a Madworld poster can be seen.[45] References Weeds MadWorld.jpg
Regular Show "Death Punchies" 2010-09-27 Protagonists Mordecai and Rigby own a Sega Master System which they play regularly. Other than being mirrored horizontally, its appearance is incredibly faithful to its real-life counterpart. Series co-creator J.G. Quintel was interviewed as saying that his family was the only one he knew growing up who owned a Master System.[46] Additionally, when the show makes official convention appearances, a Master System is often brought along as a prop frequently associated with the pair.[47] References RegularShow MasterSystem.png
Squid Girl 2010-10-05 The anime Squid Girl recreated one of the Mega Drive's original Japanese announcement brochures[48] to commemorate the real-life creation of the custom white Mega Drive system featured in the show.[49] References SquidGirl Print MegaDrivead.jpg
S01E04 2010-10-26 In the episode "Wait a Squid, Aren't You On My Side?", Squid Girl is seen playing Columns. References TV SquidGirl Columns.png
S01E10 2010-12-07 In the episode "How Much is That Squiddy in the Window?", Squid Girl is seen playing Streets of Rage 2. References TV SquidGirl StreetsOfRage2.png
S01E12 2010-12-21 In the episode "You're Phonier than an 11-Tentacled Squid!", Squid Girl is seen playing Advanced Daisenryaku. References TV SquidGirl AdvancedDaisenryaku.png
S02E04 2011-10-18 In the episode "Squidn't That English?!; Ink You Can Stop It?!; Get My Drift?!", Squid Girl and Eiko Aizawa are seen playing Virtua Fighter on a white Model 1 Mega Drive and Super 32X.[34] References SquidGirl TV MegaDrive 32X VirtuaFighter32X.jpg
S02E07 2011-11-22 In the episode "Ink That Amnesia?!", a game heavily-reminiscent of Golden Axe can be seen. References TV SquidGirl GoldenAxe.png
S02E08 2011-11-29 In the episode "Watch My Shell While I'm Out?!", Squid Girl is seen playing Bonanza Bros.. Later on, a game heavily-reminiscent of Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku can be seen. References TV SquidGirl BonazaBros.png

References TV SquidGirl NobunaganoYabouBushouFuuunroku.png
S02E12 2011-12-27 In the episode "Ink That A Festival?!", a game heavily-reminiscent of Shining in the Darkness can be seen. References TV SquidGirl ShiningInTheDarkness.png
The Inbetweeners S03E05 2010-10-11 In the episode "Home Alone", Will and Simon are seen playing Virtua Tennis 2009.[5] References TheInbetweeners VirtuaTennis2009.jpeg
Kendra S03E02 2010-11-14 In the episode "Let The Games Begin", Kendra goes to an arcade to buy an arcade cabinet for her boyfriend; where Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally Championship and Zaxxon can be seen. The store manager recommends she buys Virtua Fighter. References Kendra TV CrazyTaxiSegaRally.png

References Kendra TV Zaxxon.png

References Kendra TV VirtuaFighter.png
Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei S01E06 2011-05-16 In the sixth episode, a character mentions that her Game Gear became a Nomad. References TV HontoniAtta!ReibaiSensei GameGearNomad.png
Ben-To S01E01 2011-10-09 Protagonist Yo Sato is a lifelong Sega fan and a reocurring plot point is seeing him play Virtua Fighter 2 on his Sega Saturn. References Ben-To TV SegaSaturnBaby.jpg
S01E04 2011-10-30 In the episode "Ginger Fried Pork Bento 852kcal", Sato's cousin Ayame Shaga comes to visit him where a Fantasy Zone poster can be seen on his wall. Later, she goes through his Sega Saturn collection and it is revealed Sato owns Virtual-On and Space Harrier. References Ben-To TV VirtualOn.png

References Ben-To TV SpaceHarrier.png
S01E05 2011-11-06 In the episode "Fish Soup with Hokkaido Salmon 326kcal", posters of various Sega games can be seen, including Border Break. References Ben-To TV BorderBreak.jpg
S01E08 2011-11-27 In the episode "Jumbo Garlic Chive Hamburger Steak Bento 765kcal", after Sen loses a Virtua Fighter 2 tournament at school and out of frustation throws Sato's Sega Saturn out of the window. Sato jumps outside to save his Sega Saturn, and while he is successful, ends up injured and in the hospital. Reference Ben-To TV SaturnFlying.jpg
Świat według Kiepskich 381 2012-03-14 Main character receive console called Plajtajszyn (name based on PlayStation) which looks like clone of Japanese Mega Drive
Sonic Drive-In advert "OutRun" 2012-05-07 A commercial for Sonic Drive-In is heavily-inspired by OutRun, even using some of the original game's HUD graphics.[6] References SonicDriveIn TV OutRun.png
30 Rock S06E22 2012-05-17 In the episode "What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?", a character mentions having played "Avery Jessup in Kidnapped By Danger, now available on Sega Genesis." References TV 30Rock SegaGenesis.png
Supernatural S08E06 2012-11-07 In the episode "Southern Comfort", a character mentions he had a happy childhood due to owning a Mega Drive. References TV Supernatural SegaGenesis.png
The League S04E06 2012-11-15 In the episode "The Tailgate", a character buys John Madden Football for his Mega Drive but believes the game to be named after Joel Madden, the singer from Good Charlotte. References TV TheLeague JoelMaddenFootball.png
Peep Show S08E05 2012-12-23 In the episode "Chairman Mark," two characters can be seen playing Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition.[50] References PeepShow StreetFighterII.png
Inferno Cop S01E05 2013-01-21 In the episode "The Apocalyptic World," a "Data Files" segment on Mecha Cop describes him as being constructed with the CPU of a used Sega Saturn. Additionally, a later episode mentions the Dreamcast.[51] References InfernoCop TV SaturnCPU.jpg
Holliston S02E11 2013-08-06 In the episode "Farm Festival", Sid Haig is shown heckling two aspiring horror directors, to which they respond by mocking him appearing the poorly received movie adaptation of The House of the Dead 2. References Holliston TV HouseOfTheDead2.png
Dads S01E01 2013-09-17 In the episode "Pilot," a Dreamcast can be seen.[11] References Dads Dreamcast.png
Storage Wars: Texas S03E27 2014-01-07 In the episode "For the Benefit of Mr. Charles", a Dreamcast is found inside a storage locker.[52] References StorageWarsTexas TV Dreamcast.jpg
Steven Universe S01E11 2014-02-17 In the episode "Arcade Mania", a character plays Streets of Rage parody game called Teens of Rage. References StevenUniverse TV StreetsOfRage.webp
S01E12 2014-02-24 In the episode "Giant Woman", a Mega Drive can be seen. References TV StevenUniverse MegaDrive.png
Moone Boy S02E04 2014-03-10 In the episode "Hand Ball", the protagonist wants to own a Mega Drive after seeing an advert for one. MooneBoy.png
The Goldbergs S01S21 2014-04-29 In the episode "The Age of Darkness," a character can be seen playing Zaxxon at an arcade. References TheGoldbergs Zaxxon.png
Nanana's Buried Treasure S01E05 2014-05-08 In the episode "Mission: Impossible", the characters are seen playing Virtua Fighter 5 on a PlayStation 3. References TV NananasBuriedTreasure VirtuaFighterPS3.png
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 201x During a performance of the song "Ping Pong Girl", one of the mentioned topics is "Sega!" (sung like the Sega Scream). References CrazyExGirlfriend TV Segalyrics.png
Assassination Classroom S02E01 2016-01-07 Karma Akabane threatens to expose the Summer Festival worker for ripping people off if he doesn't give him the game console, which is the biggest prize. The game console itself is a Wii-like device that has Sega Saturn aesthetics, called the GAES Jupiter. AssassinationClassroomS2E1GaesJupiter.png
Letterkenny S01E01 2016-02-07 In the episode "Ain't No Reason to Get Excited", a character does the Sega Scream while on Crystal Meth. References Letterkenny TV SegaScream.png
S03E01 2017-07-01 In the episode "Sled Shack", Stewart mentions he stole his grandma's TV to play Ecco the Dolphin on his Mega CD. References Letterkenny TV EccoTheDolphin.png
Adventure Time S07E25 2016-03-12 In the episode "Flute Spell," the characters play a game called Age of Grinders, which is a spoof of Phantasy Star IV. References TV AdventureTime PhantasyStarIV.png
Yo-kai Watch S02E43 2016-05-06 In the episode "Start Your Engines! The Yo-1 Grand Prix!," a character takes on a polygonal appearance similar to Virtua Fighter's Akira.[53] References YokaiWatch TV VirtuaFighter.jpg
Narcos S02E02 2016-09-02 In the episode "Cambalache", characters can be seen playing Streets of Rage.[54] References Narcos StreetsOfRage.jpg
Black Mirror S03E04 2016-10-21 In the episode "San Junipero", a character is seen playing The House of the Dead 2. References TV BlackMirror HouseoftheDead1.png
S05E01 2019-06-05 In the episode "Striking Vipers", the characters play a game called Striking Vipers (a spoof of Fighting Vipers) by a company called SEEK (a combination of Sega and SNK). At the end of the episode, the Striking Vipers logo can be seen, which is another homage to Fighting Vipers. References TV BlackMirror FightingVipers.jpg

References TV BlackMirror FightingVipersLogo.png
Sneaky Pete S01E07 2017-01-13 In the episode "Lieutenant Bernhardt", a character declares the Sega Saturn to be the best console of all time. References TV SneakyPete SegaSaturn1.png

References TV SneakyPete SegaSaturn2.png
American Dad! S13E02 2018-02-12 In the episode "Paranoid Frandroid", a game based on The House of the Dead III can be seen at the arcade. References TV AmericanDad HOTD3.png
S15E14 2020-07-27 In the episode "First, Do No Farm", Stan is seen playing Daytona USA. References TV AmericanDad DaytonaUSA.png
Pop Team Epic S01E12 2018-03-25 The episode "The Age of Pop Team Epic" begins with a direct parody of the infamous wireframe introduction sequence from Death Crimson, and is credited for increasing awareness of the game's existence.[55] References PopTeamEpic TV DeathCrimson.png
S02E08 2022-11-20 In the episode "Pop Team Epic Battle Royale", a character is shown cleaning a game for their Mega Drive with the Mega CD and Sega 32x add ons. References PopTeamEpic TV MegaCD32x.png
Nate is Late S01E36 2018-04-19 In the episode "The Video Game", an action figure of Ulala from Space Channel 5 can be seen. References TV NateIsLate Ulala.webp
Blindspot S03E23 2018-05-11 In the episode "Defection", Patterson sees someone blow on a wire to make it work and she remarks "this isn't a Sega Genesis." References TV Blindspot Genesis.png
Citrus S01Exx 2018-xx-xx In one episode, two characters play The House of the Dead 4 in an arcade which also houses the fictional game The Hands of the Dead VI.[56] References Citrus TV HotD4.jpeg
Hi Score Girl S01E02 2018-07-21 In the episode "Round 2", Haruno buys Altered Beast for his PC Engine. Later on, Ono is seen playing Space Harrier. References TV HiScoreGirl AlteredBeast.jpg

References TV HiScoreGirl SpaceHarrier.png
S01E03 2018-07-28 In the episode "Round 3", Haruo is shown reminiscing about Golden Axe. References TV HiScoreGirl GoldenAxe.jpg
S01E04 2018-08-04 In the episode "Round 4", Haruo is shown playing Virtua Fighter. References TV HiScoreGirl VirtuaFighter.png
S01E08 2018-09-01 In the episode "Round 8", the Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone makes a cameo. References TV HiScoreGirl OpaOpa.png
S01E10 2018-09-15 In the episode "Round 10", Protagonist Haruo buys a Sega Saturn and a number of games early into the anime, which is shown and played as a recurring plot point.[10] References HiScoreGirl TV Saturn.png
S01E11 2018-09-22 In the episode "Round 11", the two female leads play Virtua Cop together. Later on, Ono is seen playing OutRun. References HiScoreGirl TV VirtuaCop.png

References TV HiScoreGirl OutRun.png
S01E12 2018-09-29 In the episode "Round 12", Haruo shows off his Sega Saturn collection which includes D, Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter. References TV HiScoreGirl SaturnCollection.png
S01E13 2019-10-05 In the episode "Round 13", Ono recieves her first video game system: a Game Gear with Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Showdown, Puyo Puyo and Space Harrier. Later, she plays Mortal Kombat on it. References TV HiScoreGirl GameGear1.png

References TV HiScoreGirl GameGear2.png
S01E15 2019-10-19 In the episode "Round 15", a sign for the Sega Titan Video can be seen. References TV HiScoreGirl STV.png
S02E02 2019-11-02 In the episode "Round 17", the two female leads are fighting over the protagonist and settle their differences by playing Virtua Fighter 2 on Haruo's Sega Saturn. References HiScoreGirl TV VirtuaFighter2.png
S02E03 2019-11-09 In the episode "Round 18", Fighting Vipers has become the latest craze at the arcade and is shown being played. References HiScoreGirl TV FightingVipers.png
S02E04 2019-11-16 In the episode "Round 19", Haruo turns on his Sega Saturn to play Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. References HiScoreGirl TV PDZwei.png
S02E05 2019-11-23 In the episode "Round 20", a scene in the second season depicts Sonic the Fighters running on a Megalo 50 as one of the many arcade games visible in the background. References HiScoreGirlII TV SonictheFighters.png
S02E07 2019-12-07 In the episode "Round 22", Haruo and Ono play Last Bronx and Die Hard Arcade. References TV HiScoreGirl LastBronx.png

References TV HiScoreGirl DieHardArcade.png
S02E09 2019-12-21 In the episode "Round 24", the protagonists of Hang-On and Space Harrier can be seen. References TV HiScoreGirl HangOnSpaceHarrier.png
Dead Pixels S01E01 2019-03-28 In the episode "Bears", a character mentions the game OutRun.[34] References DeadPixels TV OutRun.png
S01E02 2019-04-04 In the episode "Tanadaal", a character mentions the game Shogun: Total War.[34] References DeadPixels TV ShogunTotalWar.png
Amphibia S01E01 2019-06-17 In the episode "Best Fronds", a Dreamcast and Crazy Taxi are seen under the counter in a thrift store. References Amphibia TV Dreamcast SonicAdventure CrazyTaxi.png
S01E20 2019-07-18 In the episode "Reunion", a game heavily-reminiscent of Virtual-On can be seen. References Amphibia TV VirtualOn.webp
S03E04 2021-10-23 In the episode "Fight at the Museum", NiGHTS into Dreams... and a 3D Saturn controller can be seen. References Amphibia TV NiGHTS Sonic 3DControlPad.jpeg
The Blacklist S07E04 2019-10-25 In the episode "Kuwait," an Arcade Racer is seen inside of a video game store.[57] References TheBlacklist TV ArcadeRacer.png
Family Guy S18E06 2019-11-10 In the episode "Peter & Lois Wedding," Peter asks Lois what the Mortal Kombat blood code is.[58] References Family Guy TV Mortal Kombat Code.png
The Chase: Celebrity Special Coronation Street Special (S10E04) 2020 Jack P. Shepherd (who plays David Platt in Coronation Street) is asked the question:

In the 1990s, which of these used the advertising slogan 'The more you play with it, the harder it gets'?

  • A) Sega
  • B) Play-Doh
  • C) Twister

He (incorrectly) answers Twister, while the Chaser chooses Sega.

This is referring to a specific advertisement in UK magazine comic Viz which made its rounds on the internet in the 2000s. This was a one-off comedic advert, not a nationwide advertising slogan.

TheChaseCelebritySpecial UK S10E04 Sega.png
Shell advert "Mfon's Driving Change" 2020 A Sega Master System II is implied as one of the inspirations behind Mfon's passion for engineering, and a reason he began working for Shell.[59] References Shelladvert SegaMasterSystemII.png
Bull S04E11 2020-01-06 In the episode "Look Back in Anger", a character mentions he enjoyed going to his friends house as a kid because his friend had a Sega. References TV Bull Sega.png
Dropkick on My Devil! S02E03 2020-04-20 In the self-titled episode "Episode 3", a character buys The Punisher on the Mega Drive. References TV DropKickOnMyDevil Punisher.png
Rick & Morty S04E09 2020-05-04 In the episode "Childrick of Mort", Jerry asks if Rick's clay people have a Dreamcast. References Rick Morty TV Dreamcast.png
Solar Opposites S01E01 2020-05-08 In the episode "The Matter Transfer Array", a character questions wherever another character prefers Nintendo or Sega. References TV SolarOpposites SegaNintendo.png
S03E11 2022-07-13 In the episode "The Fog of Pupa", a character mentions having found a Game Gear. References SolarOpposites TV GameGear.png
Fly Me to the Moon S01E11 2020-12-12 In the episode "Friends", a characters video game console collection is shown which includes the Mega Drive, Sega 32x and Dreamcast. Later on, another character mentions the possibility of buying a SG-1000. References TV FlyMeToTheMoon MD32xDreamcast.png

References TV FlyMeToTheMoon SG-10000.png
Vlad Love S01E04 2021-02-14 In the episode "Salamander's Night", a Chun-Li cosplayer emulates moves from Virtua Fighter 2. References TV VladLove VirtuaFighter2.png
Tokyo Vice S01E02 2022-04-07 In the episode "Kishi Kaisei", a character is shown playing Virtua Cop. References TV TokyoVice VirtuaCop.png
Uncle from Another World Season 1 2022-07-06 Anime where the protagonist is a big Sega fan. The opening itself is a montage of Sega homages; including Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru, NiGHTS into Dreams..., Guardian Heroes, a Sega Saturn commercial, Saint Sword, Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito, Golden Axe, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Digital Dance Mix Vol. 1 Namie Amuro, Street Fighter 2, Magic Knight Rayearth and Shinobi.[60] References TV Uncle From Another World Sega Montage.png
Season 1 2022-07-06 The eyecatch pays homage to the title screen of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld PDZwei.png
S01E02 2022-07-13 In the episode "Guardian Heroes Shoulda Been Number One!", the protagonist helps his uncle buy a Sega Saturn with 20 games, including NiGHTS into Dreams... and Guardian Heroes. Later on, they are seen playing Guardian Heroes. References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld SegaSaturn1.jpg

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld SegaSaturn2.jpg
S01E04 2022-07-27 In the episode "You Helped Me Through Tough Times", the protagonist's uncle mentions Game Gear, Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, Puyo Puyo Sun and Burning Rangers - while claiming that the latter is better played on the 3D Saturn controller. References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld GameGear.png

References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld Landstaker.png

References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld PuyoPuyoSun.png

References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld BurningRangers.png

References TV UncleFromAnotherWorld 3DController.png
S01E05 2022-08-17 In the episode "That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once", Alien Soldier and Dynamite Headdy are mentioned. Later on, the "Rise From Your Grave" soundbit from Altered Beast can be heard on a character's phone. References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld AlienSoldier.png

References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld TV DynamiteHeaddy.jpg

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld AltereedBeast.png
S01E06 2022-08-24 In the episode "So They Threw Me into the Basement of a Freak Show...", Mega Drive, Alien Storm and Pulseman are mentioned. References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld AlienStorm1.png

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld AlienStorm2.png

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld Pulseman.png
S01E07 2022-08-31 In the episode "As You Can See, SEGA Games Are Very Helpful in Life!", the title screen of Revenge of Shinobi is parodied. Later on, the characters play Golden Axe on Mega Drive. References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld RevengeOfShinobi.png

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld GoldenAxe.png

References TV MyUncleFromAnotherWorld GoldenAxe3.png
S01E08 2022-11-24 In the episode "I Got Through it by Transforming into the Most Powerful Being I Know", the Uncle credits Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru with teaching him life skills. References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld TV ShinreiJusatsushiTaroumaru.png
S01E12 2022-12-22 In the episode "Names Are Important, That's What (He/She) Said", the Uncle mentions his favourite soundtrack to Sega games including Strikers 1945, Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS into Dreams... and Dynamite Headdy. References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld Strikers1945.jpg

References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld SonicTheHedgehog.jpg

References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld NiGHTSintoDreams.jpg

References MyUncleFromAnotherWorld DynamiteHeaddy.jpg
Love Live! Superstar!! S02E07 2022-08-28 In the episode "UR Ren Hazuki", an assortment of video game consoles are shown, including the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Mega CD, Sega 32x and Master System. References TV Lovelifesuperstar Consoles1.jpg

References TV Lovelifesuperstar Consoles2.jpg

References TV Lovelifesuperstar Consoles3.jpg
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E08 2022-10-06 In the episode "Ribbit and Rip It", a Frogger arcade cabinet can be seen. References SheHulk TV Frogger.jpg



Book Author Release date Description
Animorphs - The Invasion K. A. Applegate 1996-06 Jake, one of the characters and the narrator of the novel, states he has "a Sega at home" in the first chapter.
The Recruit Robert Muchamore 2004 The protagonist destroys a Sega Dreamcast so that it doesn't get stolen later.

Comics and manga

Publication Issue Release date Description Scans
Johnny Turbo #43 1993-01 Johnny Turbo and his partner Tony are pitted against villainous androids and monsters from a company called "FEKA" (a thinly veiled parody of SEGA), which misleads children into wasting their money on their CD add-on system (the Sega CD.) EGM US 042.pdf
Yu Yu Hakusho #168 1994 One panel shows Yusuke in Virtua Fighter style graphics. References YuYuHakusho Manga VirtuaFighter.webp
Komi Can't Communicate 201x The manga features a role-playing game with the acronym "PGO" - an homage to Phantasy Star Online's acronym "PSO".[61]


Publication Issue Release date Description Scans
Playboy December 1996 1996-xx-xx The December 1996 issue of Playboy contains a "Virtual Vixens" blurb accompanied with artwork of popular female video game characters, most notably including the Fighting Vipers character Grace redrawn as Caucasian.[62] References Playboy Print Grace.png


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