Shoichiro Irimajiri

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Shoichiro Irimajiri
Place of birth: Kobe, Japan
Date of birth: 1940-01-03 (age 84)
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1993[1] – )
Sega of America[1] (1996 – 1998)
Role(s): Executive
Education: Aeronautical Engineering; University of Tokyo

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Shoichiro Irimajiri (入交 昭一郎) (born January 3, 1940, in Kobe, Japan) is a Japanese engineer and businessman, and former Sega of Japan executive, Sega of America Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, and Sega Enterprises President.


Shoichiro Irimajiri earned an aeronautical engineering degree from the University of Tokyo and worked for Honda Motor Co., Ltd. for 20 years, overseeing the introduction of its Honda CBX motorcycle, design of their F1 racing engines as well as being the president of Honda of America Inc. He resigned in 1992 due to a heart problem, and started a Chinese traditional treatment to restore his condition.

After his recovery, his friend Hayao Nakayama - then president of Sega, asked him to join the company in 1993[1]. In 1996 he became chairman and CEO of Sega of America[1], and in 1998 he became president of the whole Sega group[1]. It was here where he laid an ambitious plan using the Dreamcast to restore Sega's lost market share and prestige which took a severe downfall following the flawed launch of the Sega Saturn as well as the 32X and the Mega-CD.

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