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In-game credits
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Creators Note[2]

To do confirm: Is this credit referring to Hirofumi Murasaki specifically, or to Megasoft in general? Megasoft's Masayuki Nagao is credited as sound assistant.


Yasushi Yamaguchi

  • Oversaw all artwork in the game.
  • Updated Sonic sprites[3], created special stage Sonic and Tails graphics.
  • Designed Miles "Tails" Prower and came up with the Miles Prower name.
  • Designed Mecha Sonic.

Craig Stitt

Brenda Ross

  • Created graphics for the scrapped Wood Zone[5].
  • Created graphics for a scrapped desert/winter stage[5].

Tom Payne

Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
01 2P results Yes
02 Emerald Hill Zone Yes
03 Mystic Cave Zone (2P) Yes
04 Oil Ocean Zone Yes
05 Metropolis Zone Yes
06 Hill Top Zone Yes
07 Aquatic Ruin Zone Yes
08 Casino Night Zone (2P) Yes
09 Casino Night Zone Yes
0A Death Egg Zone Yes
0B Mystic Cave Zone Yes
0C Emerald Hill Zone (2P) Yes
0D Sky Chase Zone Yes
0E Chemical Plant Zone Yes
0F Wing Fortress Zone Yes
10 Unused No
11 Options Yes
12 Special Stage Yes
13 Boss Yes
14 Final boss Yes
15 Ending Yes
16 Super Sonic Yes
17 Invincibility Yes
18 1-UP Yes
19 Title screen Yes
1A Act clear Yes
1B Game over Yes
1C Continue Yes
1D Chaos Emerald Yes
1E Credits Yes
1F Drowning countdown Yes


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