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The following is a list of special Dreamcast models made throughout the lifespan of the Sega Dreamcast.


Dreamcastmazora dc 02 t.jpg Release Date 01-08-1999 Price: 39,800¥
Dreamcast Limited Maziora Edition: This model was produced in a partnership with Maziora. The upper is painted in a pearlescent coating, resulting in changing colours depending on the viewing angle and light brightness. It came bundled in the same orange packaging of the original Japanese Dreamcast but with the Maziora logo on the front, a matching pearlescent coated controller, Dream Passport CD, link cables and documentation, helmet keychain and motorsport information. Originally it could be obtained in two ways. The first by ordering them online, which came packaged in an outer cardboard box with the Maziora logo on it. The second was by winning it at a racing event and it had Tadahiko Taira’s, a driver from Taira Racing, whose team was being sponsored by Maziora at the time, signature on the system’s lid. The numbers are reported to be about 500, around 200 signed and around 300 unsigned, but whether these numbers are correct is unknown.
Notes: Units: 500 (200 signed, 300 unsigned), Pics , Story of Conception & Content Detailed, pPhotos and information
Dcevilred.jpgCodeveronicastars dc 01.jpg Release Date 1 03-02-2000 Price: 34,800¥
Dreamcast CODE: Veronica LIMITEDBOX: There were two models, both produced to celebrate the Japanese release of Capcom’s successful series Resident Evil. Both models had the same CODE:Veronica STARS package, have a skeleton casing (Claire: red STARS: dark purple), grey underside and have a sticker on the back of the console with their internal serial number (Claire: xxxx/1800, STARS xxx/200). Each system was bundled with a matching controller and grey VMU, Resident Evil: Code Veronica game, Dream Passport 2, documentation and link cables, and BioHazard merchandise. There are reports of two second prints for both models: 50 Claire Version systems through Dreamcast DIRECT about one year after the initial release and 30 STARS through a FAMITSU contest. There are no differences but the lack of the sticker on the back of the console and Claire being bundled with BioHazard Code: Veronica Complete (T-1240M) game instead of the regular edition. Details are unknown (including the printing veracity itself) as information on these run on word of mouth.
Notes: Units: 1800 (Claire Version), 200 (STARS Version), product announcement.
Dcgold.jpg Release Date 25-08-2000 Price: ----
Dreamcast (Gold NTSC-J) This model was given away in a Pro Yakyuu Team De Asobou Net contest and should not be confused with the similar Top-Airbrush one. The number of models is often mentioned as five but it’s unknown if this has an truthful basis.

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