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Sphinx Productions was a Canadian video production company[1] notable for developing the unreleased Sega Mega LD game Steel Driver.


Founded by filmmaker Ron Mann in 1976, and officially incorporated in 1980, Sphinx Productions specializes in documentaries, particularly on subjects involving art and history. As computers grew more capable, and with the introduction of the CD-ROM, the company expanded into multimedia titles utilizing the new compact disc format. While LaserDisc was introduced in 1978, it would not create a truly viable home video market until the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, and after the company's recent expansion into CD-ROM, LD-ROM seemed like the next logical step. Although Sphinx Productions' only known LD-ROM game was the unreleased golf title Steel Driver, they did release a number of standard video LaserDiscs, and continued to release additional titles on CD-ROM.


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