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TMS Entertainment
Founded: 2000-01 (as TMS Entertainment)
Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TMS Entertainment (株式会社トムス エンタテインメント Kabushiki Gaisha Tomusu Entateinmento) is a Japanese animation studio that was founded in 1946 and is owned by Sega Sammy Holdings.


TMS Entertainment when originally founded was called Tokyo Movie Shinsha (東京ムービー新社 Toukyou Muubii Shinsha) in 1946, until they changed their name to TMS Entertainment in 2000. Although they changed their studio name, their animation studio is still referred to as Tokyo Movie. In 2005, Sega Sammy bought 51% of their shares. As a result, they became a subsidiary of Sega Sammy.

TMS Entertainment has worked on a wide variety of animation produced in Japan, such as Lupin the Third, Detective Conan, D.Gray-man, and many others. They also co-produced many foreign projects in countries like France and Italy, as well as doing outsourced work. Some of these include Inspector Gadget, Ulysses 31, CyberSix and others.

TMS Entertainment has also has done work for Sega in the past, such as creating and animating commercials for their properties as well as producing numerous anime series such as Virtua Fighter, Sonic X, and Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking: Mori no Tami no Densetsu. They were also responsible for some of the animation work on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and SatAM. TMS Entertainment also did Man of the Year short found on Sonic Jam.




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