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A means of swapping text between Japanese, Roumanji and English. This is for big pieces of text, such as quotes or manual excerpts, press releases or PDF translations.

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Japanese: 株式会社セガゲームス (SEGA Games Co., Ltd.) は、コンシューマーゲーム並びにソーシャルゲームの開発、製造、販売を行うセガサミーグループの企業で、株式会社セガホールディングスの100%子会社。


Roumanji: Kabushiki Gaisha Sega Games (Sega Games Co., Ltd. ) Wa, consumer game narabini social game no kaihatsu, seizou, hanbai o okonau Sega Sammy Group no kigyou de, kabushiki gaisha Sega Holdings no 100-percent kogaisha. Honkoude wa kabushiki gaisha Sega jidai no katei-you game-ki ya consumer game, keiei, (kyuu) kabushiki gaisha Sega Networks ni tsuite mo noberu.

English: SEGA Games Co., Ltd. is a SEGA SAMMY group company that develops, manufactures and sells consumer games and social games, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA HOLDINGS CORPORATION.

In this article, I will also talk about home game machines, consumer games, management, (formerly) Sega Networks Co., Ltd. in the SEGA Corporation.

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