Unlicensed Mega Drive clones (South Korea)

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This is a list of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive clones intended primarily for the South Korean market.

Car Game (CA-111)

Console manufactured by "First Game" in South Korea in July 2003. Sold for W110,000 it has 33 games integrated, and is meant for use within cars.

GamBrothers (FBH-777)

Also manufactured by "First Game" in South Korea in December 2002; this was sold for W88,000 and has 20 games integrated into the console.

GamBrothers+ (FBH-888)

An enhanced version of the above, released in July 2004 for the same price. This one has 33 games.

Kid Box (FBH-999)

Another console manufactued by "First Game" in in South Korea. This debuted in March 2003 for W93,000 and has 33 games.


Developed by the South Korean company "Phillko", it was sold for W195,000 and is heavily based on a Mega Drive I.


Released in 2005 by the South Korean company "Techline", the Neo-16 sold for W85,000 and has 33 games built-in. Its design is taken from a Star Trek Famiclone also from South Korea.


Also produced by the South Korean company "Techline", this debuted in 2006 for the price of W72,000 and has 7 built-in games. It's shell is that of a Genesis 3.

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