Unreleased 32X games

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The following unreleased Sega 32X games were officially announced in some capacity but never saw a final release.

Bug!/Daytona USA

Mentioned in Mean Machines Sega #40. Released on Saturn.[1]

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[2]In the December 1994 issue of Game Players Magazine, on page 40 there is a feature on the 32X. At the top of the page is a list of all the expected titles that are "fairly definite for US release." Apache is listed, and said to be developed by Domark.

Batman Forever

[3]In the June 1994 issue of Game Players magazine, page 18 has a section about upcoming releases.

NFL Trivia Challenge

[4]In a small column in the January 1995 issue of GamePro magazine, on page 212, there is talk about a new developer for the 32X called CapDisc/Capitol Multimedia. One of the games they were supposed to be working on is NFL Football Trivia Challenge. The game is supposed to feature 1500 trivia questions and be narrated by Pat Summerall and Tom Brooksheir. Even though it doesn't say either way, it was likely to be a 32X CD game as that is what CapDisc/Capitol Multimedia is known for.

Tomcat Alley Deluxe

[5]On page 31 of the August 1994 issue of GamePro Magazine there is a short sentence of upcoming games in 1995; this is one of them.