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The following is a list of music albums released for Sega systems.


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Album Artist System Release date Comments Images
SING!! Sega Game Music Presented by B.B. Queens B.B. Queens Sega Mega-CD 1992-07-26[1] A hybrid Sega Mega-CD/soundtrack album consisting of rearranged theme music from various Sega games, arranged by Masao Akashi and performed by Japanese music group B.B. Queens, most notable for encoding the Sega Mega Drive game Teddy Boy Blues as its first audio track (allowing the game to be played by inserting the album into a Mega-CD), and for featuring the theme song of the unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog game SegaSonic Bros.. SING MCD JP JC Front.jpg
Color Mechanica Note! Sega Mega-CD 2013-12-27 Created by New York-based chiptune artist Note!, Color Mechanica's CD release doubles as an interactive video album when operated on an NTSC Sega Mega-CD, with listeners able to use the Control Pad to add additional sound effects during playback. ColorMechanica art.jpg
Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation Various artists Sega Mega Drive 2014-08 Released as part of Telefuture's "Kickstart the Future" Kickstarter campaign (a $70 reward), this five track console-ready Mega Drive cartridge was compiled and designed by Batsly Adams, and includes a set of exclusive songs by artists Animal Style, Note!, Kris Keyser, Ctrix, and ExileFaker. Also known as the "Eternalist cart" or the "Telefuture cart", it also contains some secret unlockable music tracks.
BlowFish Jredd Sega Mega Drive 2014-12 Coded by Sigflup and Kulibus1 as a demo for Datastorm 2014, featuring artwork from ZanaGB and Sigflup, and assisted by Bonefish and Linde, this cartridge contains five tracks.
爆音会8 DJ Wing & DJ Mt.Chocolate Sega Mega Drive 2015 A 20-track demo remixing Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, and Slap Fight MD, only a single cartridge was produced by MtChocolate as a gift for a collaborator in Shibuya, Tokyo. After hinting at plans for a possible commercial version, she instead released the ROM and associated box and cartridge artwork on her website for users to freely download.
YM2017 Various artists Sega Mega Drive 2017-09 A nine release from Catskull Electronics features an embedded 8x8 LED-based dot matrix that shines a live music visualizer through the translucent cartridge.
Future 2612 D34D Sega Mega Drive 2018-01-01 A bouncy bass-heavy score and D34D's debut album, it was released on the label CheapBeats with coding by Catskull Electronics, and is available for both NTSC and PAL systems.
Technoptimistic Remute Sega Mega Drive 2019-03-22[2] An interpolation of heavy techno tracks and vaporwave influences, Remute's Technoptimistic was coded by Kabuto with cartridge artwork by Exocet. Technoptimistic cover.jpg
Konsolation Various artists Sega Mega Drive 2019-12-04[3] A compilation album released as a Mega Drive cartridge, and published by Analogue and Hyperdub, it was sold only as part of a bundle with limited edition Mega Sg consoles. Only 1000 units total were units available worldwide (150 of which were reserved exclusively for UK customers).[4]
Tanglewood OST freezedream Sega Mega Drive 2019-12-11[5] The official soundtrack album for the Mega Drive homebrew platform game Tanglewood, composed by Australian chiptune artist freezedream and published on Bandcamp by Big Evil Corporation in December 2019.[5] TanglewoodOST box front.jpg
Mikeyeldey: The Album Mikeyeldey Sega Mega Drive 2021-05-07 Mike Elder's eponymous release provides an eclectic collection of 16 electronic tracks which he characterizes as "novelty" chiptune. Described by the artist as "an interactive experience", it sports live music visualizers and four minigames. Released as a highly limited set of ten black cartridges, and selling out within two days, Elder released a second batch of 25 pink cartridges the following week. This second batch proceeded to sell out within a few hours, prompting to artist to release a third batch.
YM2020 Various artists Sega Mega Drive 2021-11-05 A multi-artist tribute to Sega's YM2612 and SN76489 sound chips.
Mikeyeldey95 Mikeyeldey Sega Mega Drive 2022-07-07 A Mega Drive album that notably presents itself with a very-convincing Windows 95 desktop, which can be interacted with to a significant degree.[6]