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Arcade Classic
Distributor: AtGames (Asia), Blaze Europe (UK), Retro-Bit (US), H&B (France)
Game total: 20 (15 on Blaze version) + cartridge slot

The Arcade Classic is a Sega Mega Drive console on a chip manufactured by AtGames. Though not the first console by AtGames to hit the market, the Arcade Classic is perhaps the most "famous" to date, due to its ability to play Sega Mega Drive cartridges.

The system is far smaller and lighter than consoles from Sega (Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega Drive II) or Majesco (Genesis 3) and relies solely on A/V cables. The unit has two front DE-9 ports meaning it is compatible with the majority of Sega Mega Drive controllers and accessories, however a lack of expansion ports and the reduced size means it is incompatible with add-ons such as the Sega Mega CD and Sega 32X.

The Arcade Classic traditionally comes with 20 built-in games (though the lineup was altered when distributed in some countries) and the cartridge slot means it is also compatible with the majority of Mega Drive cartridge-based games. Like most AtGames consoles the system uses a front-end game selection system named "Firecore" which is also used to emulate Mega Drive games. Emulation is not perfect, however, meaning some games will refuse to run while others have audio and graphical issues.

Also like most AtGames consoles, the name of this system is disputed. The name "Arcade Classic" comes from the AtGames' website, however other distributors have referred to it as the Twin Pad Player, Sega Mega Drive Classic Console and (incorrectly) the Firecore. Other issues have arisen due to the fact there are two models of the console - one that relies solely on wired controllers and a later edition which is compatible with AtGames' brand of wireless controllers (which can be bought separately and are compatible with other AtGames consoles). The systems are visually identical.

The system has passed through a number of distributors. AtGames claims to supply it worldwide, though this version has only appeared on store shelves in Asia. Retro-bit has distributed the console in North America, Blaze Europe in the United Kingdom and H&B in France. The Blaze Europe version is known to have a different selection of games to the AtGames model (15 vs. 20).


Games included in both versions

Games exclusive to the AtGames version

Games exclusive to the Blaze Europe version


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