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Astro Defence
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Timegate Software
Number of players: 1
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Astro Defence is an arcade game developed by Shayne Burbery and published by Timegate Software for the SC-3000 on cassette in New Zealand. The game was inspired by the arcade game Star Wars.

Astro Defence is featured on the SC-3000 Survivors Multicart MkII.


As the sole survivor of the earth Battle Ship Universe you must try and destroy the vicious Zarrog fleet before they destroy you. All you have left is your trusty Hi-Cannon. Your heart is heavy, you are full of vengeance for your lost comrades, but somehow deep inside you, you know it's a matter of time. The shields of you Hi-Cannon cannot withstand more than 20 hits in a row, but you fight on dauntless, knowing that all the training you have every undertaken has been to prepare you for Now. This moment if you can take enough of them with you then the Universe's sister ship Galaxy may stand a chance. The thought suddenly occurs to you - no-one will ever know of your conflict. No - the fire shield ration analyser will stay intact after the battle and the people will know of your deeds - posthumous promotion, speeches, statues, who knows maybe you will go down in history as the hero you really are. Suddenly with that though you take on the vicious Zarrogs with renewed ferver. They will pay!


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Astro Defence

SC-3000, NZ
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