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Bitman Mascot

A Russian company operating in the years 1994-1997


In November 1994, the "Bitman Company" company was established in Russia. Aleksiej Semenov became the general director. The company quickly began to bring consoles. The company has created 8 bit bitmaps Bitman, Bitman 2 and Bitman Infra and clone of Game Boy called Bitman 3000B.

Super Bitman

Sega clones

The company has also started copying Sega Mega Drive. That's how Super Bitman and Turbo Bitman were created.The company's products began to be presented by the press as counterfeit, which made the company's profits start to fall.

Cooperation with Sega

Bitman decided to cooperate with Sega. He became a representative and a distributor of Sega in Russia and CIS. In 1997, the company also took up the fight against piracy in Russia.


Bitman was taken over in 1997 by R-Style.