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System(s): Blockade hardware
Number of players: 2
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Blockade is a 1976 arcade game by Sega/Gremlin. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the first Snake game, but rather an early example of a Tron lightcycle race (popularized by the Tron arcade game); however Hustle, a later game on the same hardware, does have Snake-like gameplay. It received a sort-of sequel in Comotion. All three titles run on the Blockade hardware.


The game is a two player game, with player 1 starting on the right(?). The goal is to outsurvive the other player. As you move around the board, your "body" gets longer. You lose every time you hit either yourself, the other player, or a boundary; the other player gets a point. The first player to get a certain number of points (presumably set by the system operator) wins. The target number of points is shown at the top of the screen.

Promotional material

Blockade Arcade US Flyer.pdf

US flyer

Blockade Arcade US Flyer Alt1.jpg

US flyer

Blockade Arcade US Flyer Alt2.jpg

US flyer

BlockadeComotion Arcade AU Flyer.jpg

AU flyer (with Comotion)

Physical scans

Arcade, US (upright)
Blockade Arcade US Manual.pdf