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Bollycao Sega stickers[1] was a collection of stickers released by the Spanish multinational bakery product manufacturing company Grupo Panrico[2][3] (Panificio Rivera Costafreda S.L.[2], founded as Panrico Donuts in 1962[2], in Esplugues de Llobregat[4], by Andreu Costafreda MontoliúMedia:PressRelease 1998-05-07 Andreu Costafreda creador de Donuts y fundador de Panrico fallece en Barcelona.pdf[5][6] and D. José Javier Rivera y Larraya [7]Media:PressRelease 1998-05-07 Andreu Costafreda creador de Donuts y fundador de Panrico fallece en Barcelona.pdf[5], V Marquis[8] of San Nicolás de Noras[9], two businessmen from Barcelona, Spain), across the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in 1992 and 1993. The stickers were distributed, bundled in Bollycao[10][11] buns (little hot dog buns with chocolate filling) which were sold in single, or in packs of three buns.

Both collections are composed of 116 stickers divided in two sets with the first set being composed by 60 stickers and the second by 50 stickers plus 6 extra stickers with Sonic the Hedgehog. All the 56 stickers of both Portuguese and Spanish second sets, have detachable stickers with Sonic and a letter of the alphabet (27 letters) and some few (9 extra detachable stickers) with just Sonic featured in them.

There's two major differences between the Portuguese and the Spanish collections. The first is that the 60 stickers of the Spanish first set don't have the word "Bollycao" printed in the front[12] (second set has it) , whereas in Portugal all the 116 stickers of both sets have it. The second major difference is that both Portuguese sets are a mix of the Spanish sets, so some stickers featured in the first Spanish set are featured in the second Portuguese set.

List of Stickers

First Set (PT)

Second Set (PT)

Sonic Alphabet Detachable Stickers (PT/ES 2nd set)

First Set (ES)

Second Set (ES)

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