Capcom Generation: Dai 5 Shuu Kakutouka-tachi

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CapcomGeneration5 title.png
Capcom Generation: Dai 5 Shuu Kakutouka-tachi
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Capcom
Original system(s): Capcom CPS-1
Game total: 3
Sound driver: SCSP (1Track)
Genre: Compilation, Fighting

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 T-1236G

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Capcom Generation: Dai 5 Shuu Kakutouka-tachi (カプコン ジェネレーション 第5集 格闘家たち) is the fifth of five compilations for the Sega Saturn (and PlayStation) developed by Capcom.

Games included

  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Street Fighter II′: Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II′ Turbo: Hyper Fighting


This volume collects the first three entries in Capcom's successful Street Fighter II series . It was released overseas (albeit only on PlayStation) under the title of Street Fighter Collection 2 (a sequel to Street Fighter Collection), said version being the only game in the Capcom Generation line to see release in North America (European PlayStation owners later got a compilation titled Capcom Generations, which was a 4-disc set of the other four Capcom Generation games)

Magazine articles

Main article: Capcom Generation: Dai 5 Shuu Kakutouka-tachi/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

DCM JP 19981218 1998-05.pdfDCM JP 19981218 1998-05.pdf

Print advert in Dreamcast Magazine (JP) #1998-05: "1998-05 (1998-12-18)" (1998-12-04)

Physical scans

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Publication Score Source
50 №30, p84
77 [1]
63 №521, p33
86 No results[2]
Sega Saturn
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4 reviews

Saturn, JP
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
539,993,328 1998-10-07 CD-ROM(JP) T-1236G V1.000

Extra content

This game has an extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Folder / File Type Size description
GEN5_ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 858 About this game.
GEN5_BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 227 About original game
GEN5_CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 381 Copyright


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