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Daytona USA CGMV
Format: VHS
Publisher: Youmex
Running time: 57:57
Release Date RRP Code
VHS Video
¥4,757 (4,900)4,757 (4,900) TYVY-5002

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Daytona USA CGMV (デイトナUSA CGMV) is a VHS video cassette acting as both a preview and guide for the arcade version of Daytona USA. It was only released in Japan.

Daytona USA CGMV essentially educates new players about the three in-game tracks, providing tips on how to beat them in the quickest possible time. Some of the content depicted is based on prototype versions of the game, for example, the Three-Seven Speedway track is referred to as its working title, Short Oval Three-Seven. There is also an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi.


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VHS video

Physical scans

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Daytona USA

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