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Daytona USA Circuit Edition
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (30 tracks)
Peripherals supported: Arcade Racer Joystick, 3D Control Pad, Taisen Cable, Sega Saturn Modem
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 GS-9100

Daytona USA Circuit Edition (デイトナUSA サーキット エディション) is a second update to the Sega Saturn version of Daytona USA. It was developed by Sega AM3 and builds upon the western release of Daytona USA: Champion Circuit Edition released several months prior. Whereas Japan did not receive Champion Circuit Edition, Circuit Edition reached Japanese stores in early 1997 and did not receive a subsequent western release.

Though the western Champion Circuit Edition and Japanese Circuit Edition are by-and-large the same game, Circuit Edition adds further tweaks to the formula, creating the definitive copy of Daytona USA for the Saturn. Circuit Edition extends the draw distance even further, swaps some textures and allows the user to set the time of day in which to race in, whether that be night, dusk or morning. On top of this, the arcade soundtrack is now an option, and new drift mechanics have been implemented, making the game control more similarly to the original arcade version.

Circuit Edition is also compatible with the Taisen Cable cable and allows for online play via the Sega Saturn Modem.

Production credits

Producer: Noriyoshi Ohba
Director: Ryuichi Hattori
Project Leader: Shiro Kinemura
Main Programmer: Akihito Wada
Programmers: Toru Nakagawa, Atsutoshi Takahashi, Noriyuki Takano, Susumu Ise
Main Graphic Designer: Shiro Kinemura
Graphic Designers: Yoshihito Takahashi, Makiko Suzuki, Maiko Kitagawa, Sanae Tatsuo, Takehiko Akabane
Planner: Osamu Ohashi
Sound Director: Tomonori Sawada
Sound Efefcts: Tatsuya Kozaki
Sound Programmer: Atsumu Miyazawa

Vocals For "Sons Of Angels"And "The American Dream" Performed By Eric Martin*.
Lyrics For "Sons Of Angels" And "The American Dream" Written By Eric Martin And Andre Pessis.
Eric Martin Appears Courtesy Of Atlantis Recording Corporation

Music&Remix: Jun Senoue, Richard Jacques, Kenichi Tokoi, Tomonori Sawada
Advisers: Toshihiro Nagoshi, Atsuhiko Nakamura

Track list

1. [data track] ({{{time}}}) 

2. The King Of Speed [Remix] (04:46) 

3. Let's Go Away [Remix] (04:11) 

4. Sky High [Remix] (05:17) 

5. The Noisy Roars Of Wilderness (04:36) 

6. Pounding Pavement [Remix] (05:09) 

7. Daytona USA Medley (06:05) 

8. The King Of Speed [Goal] (00:11) 

9. Let's Go Away [Goal] (00:12) 

10. Sky High [Goal] (00:08) 

11. The Noisy Roars Of Wilderness [Goal] (00:10) 

12. Pounding Pavement [Goal] (00:13) 

13. The King Of Speed [Ending] (00:40) 

14. Let's Go Away [Ending] (00:36) 

15. Sky High [Ending] (00:34) 

16. The Noisy Roars Of Wilderness [Ending] (00:33) 

17. Pounding Pavement [Ending] (00:39) 

18. Sons Of Angels (01:34) 

19. The American Dream (04:36) 

20. Lack Of Speed (00:10) 

21. Sunset On The Daytona Beach (01:06) 

22. Crash And Burn (01:48) 

23. The King Of Speed [Arcade] (04:32) 

24. Let's Go Away [Arcade] (04:17) 

25. Sky High [Arcade] (04:31) 

26. Breakdown [Arcade] (00:10) 

27. Bitchin' [Arcade] (00:11) 

28. Check It Out! [Arcade] (00:10) 

29. The King Of Speed [Arcade Ending] (00:35) 

30. Let's Go Away [Arcade Ending] (00:35) 

31. Sky High [Arcade Ending] (00:33) 
Running time: 58:48

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Publication Score Source
73 №424, p32
83 №1997-02, p221[1]
Sega Saturn
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3 reviews
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