Golden Axe I & II

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Golden Axe I & II
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£19.9919.99[2] DATA007

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Golden Axe I & II is a vinyl album containing music from Golden Axe and its Sega Mega Drive sequel, Golden Axe II

Track list

Golden Axe:

A1. The Battle

A2. Wilderness

A3. Battlefield

A4. Thief's Theme

A5. Old Map

A6. Turtle Village I

A7. Fiend's Path

A8. Turtle Village II

A9. Death Adder

A10. Showdown

A11. Conclusion

A12. Sutakora, Sassa!

A13. Game Over

Golden Axe II:

B1. Character Select

B2. Ravaged Village

B3. Boss

B4. Magician Stage

B5. Crystal

B6. Ancient Ruins

B7. Enemy's Headquarters

B8. Dragon's Throat

B9. Boss

B10. The Castle Gate

B11. Castle of Dark Guld

B12. Death Adder II

B13. All Clear

B14. Staff Roll

B15. Result

B16. Game Over

Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
GoldenAxeI&II album UK back.jpgGoldenAxeI&II album UK front.jpg

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