Joypad (SJ-152)

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Joypad (SJ-152)
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Mark III
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Sega Master System
¥? SJ-152

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The Joypad (ジョイパッド) SJ-152 is the default controller for the Sega Mark III. It is very similar in design to the SJ-150 and SJ-151 seen in the SG-1000 II.

The SJ-152 is less bland than the SJ-151, and the D-Pad is now shaped like a rounded square rather than a circle. It appears that some versions have a removable thumbstick while others do not. Also featured are two unlabled face buttons and a lead that exits the controller at the right hand side.

Most of its design features would be passed on to the Master System Control Pad.

Physical scans


<gallery> File:Sega Joypad SJ152 JP Photo1.jpg File:Sega Joypad SJ152 JP Photo2.jpg

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