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Kaneko Logo.png
Founded: 1980
Defunct: 2006
T-series code: T-33
Suginami, Tokyo, Japan

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Kaneko Co., Ltd. (株式会社カネコ), also known as Kaneko Seisakusho (金子製作所), was a Japanese video game developer and publisher most known for its adult arcade game series Gals Panic.

The company also operated an American distribution branch, Kaneko USA.


Founded by Hiroshi Kaneko in 1980, and headquartered in Suginami, Tokyo, Kaneko developed a number of popular arcade titles and quickly grew to be one of the larger players of the Japanese video game industry. Following Japan's Family Computer boom, the company soon began developing for the home video game market, and its success eventually led to the establishment of an overseas branch based in the small American town of Buffalo Grove, Illinois - Kaneko USA.

With the release of their final arcade game, 2003's Gals Panic S3, Kaneko officially filed for bankrupcty the following year. The company continued to exist in some form until 2006, until a civil lawsuit forced the complete closure of all business.



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