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Headquarters: Ukraine?

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Kenga a was probably the Ukrainian company responsible for creating the Kenga brand popular in the CIS countries. Together with Lamport, they created Kenmaster.[1]

Each console has a special KEN-Card with a serial number that was used in, for example, warranty service.

Kenga sponsored the Ukrainian program Kenga Predstavlyaet.

In Russia, the company created a KEN-Club whose members had numerous benefits when buying games and consoles. Kenga also produced a special program in which club members were to perform but not much is known about the program.

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Warranty voucher

Migr 1 RU.pdf

Print advert in Magazina Igrushek (RU) #1: "1/1995" (1995-xx-xx)

Migr 3 RU.pdf

Print advert in Magazina Igrushek (RU) #3: "3/1995" (1995-xx-xx)