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Android: 1.0.3


iOS: 1.5.7



今後も、""Kingdom Conquest""をよろしくお願いいたします。

iOS: 1.5.5

◇◆Ver1.5.5 Updated Information◆◇

*Adjustment of the arena
*Adjustment of the raid Battle
*Bug fix

Thank you for your patience.

iOS: 1.5.4

# Game Ver. はワールド選択画面で確認できます。
# 現在、全てのワールドが Game Ver. C です。
=== Game Ver. C : 全 Season 共通 ===

iOS: 1.4.7

Ver 1.4.7
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
# All current Worlds are Game Ver. C.
* Communication Improvement
  Faster read time from the Unit screen.
* UI Fixes
- Auction Screen
  Added the display of skill levels in the auction.
- Synthesis Screen
  Changed the gauge increase speed of the Synthesis screen
during the synthesis process.
* Other Minor Fixes
- Ranking Screen
  Fixed an issue where session timeouts occured
during certain transitions.
- Dungeon Selection Screen
  Fixed an issue, when transferring to the Pack screen
under special conditions, the app would close.
- Alliance Management Screen
  Fixed a behavior when Alliance Members would dissappear
from banishing while in the management screen.

iOS: 1.4.6


Ver 1.4.6
# Game Ver. はワールド選択画面で確認できます。
# 現在、全てのワールドが Game Ver. C です。
=== Game Ver. C : 全 Season 共通 ===
* ゲーム全般
 - Retinaディスプレイ及び4インチサイズ画面表示に対応
 - iPhone5で「日本語かな」入力時にアプリが停止する不具合の修正
* オプション設定
 - 一定時間以上の敵襲アラートを非表示にする設定の追加
 - 所持上限以下でもパックを引いた際に直接プレゼントボックスに
 - デバイス向き設定の追加
* UI修正
 - 街画面
 - ユニット画面
 - パック画面
* 同盟関連修正
 - 初心者保護期間中のプレイヤーに盟主権限を
 - 土地取得から24時間の間、施設破棄ができないよう修正
 - 配下・追放時に元の同盟掲示板の閲覧権限を保持できる
* 既存スキルの調整
* その他の不具合修正
 - ダンジョンパックで武具を獲得した時に所持クリスタル
 - 特定の操作時に所持BP回復薬の表示が異常となる不具合の修正
 - 盟主補佐が離反・離脱時に一部方角が

今後とも、"Kingdom Conquest"をよろしくお願いいたします。 

iOS: 1.4.5

Ver 1.4.5
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
# All current Worlds are Game Ver. C.

===Game Ver. C: Across All Seasons ===
* New Game Element Added
 - Multi-colaborative "Raid" batle function added.
* Game Balance Adjustments
 - If the Monster Count is 0 and becomes unconsious,
  the Monster will be labeled as "Resting" and will be
  unable to battle for a set period of time.
 - Expanded the Monster Inventory 200 > 300 Monsters
* Fixed Known Skill Issues
 -Fixed "Dynast Progress" and its "GROWTH" effect to be
  treated as a special effect.
 -Fixed the ability to remove status effects during
  "Nature Spirit".
 -Fixed an issue where during Progress and Disturb, other skills
  are not influenced when effects are lowered in tier.
* Other Fixed Issues
 - Fixed an issue where expired in app purchased pop-ups
  displayed the Strategy Map functions.

Thank you for your patience.

iOS: 1.4.3

Ver 1.4.3
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
# All current Worlds are Game Ver. C.
=== Game Ver.C : Across All Seasons ===
* Changed the Help Articles
 - Fixed the "Simulation Part" (Dungeon) categories.
 - Fixed the "Monster Skill" articles.
 - Fixed the article regarding "Buffs"/"Debuffs".
* Fixed Text in th Pack Lineup
 - Fixed Sitri's skill "Uncanny Evasion", where the
  activation chance was displayed at 0%.
* Fixing Known Skill Issues
 - Fixed the reduced chance of status effects for "Cataclysm".
 - Fixed the skill "Uncanny Evasion" where it did not activate under special
 - Fixed the skill "Imitation Smile" where it did not activate under special
* Other Minor Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where debuff effects were applied to incapacitated
 - Fixed an issue where Soul Spheres numbers were not displayed
  correctly when transferring directly from the Present Box to the
  Synthesis right after app startup...
Thank you for your patience.

Regarding Currently Known Issues:
There is a known issue with the skill "Garnet Basier" where the
RESURRECTION effect activation conflicts with other skill combinations
in this version.
This issue will be fixed in the next version update (Ver 1.4.4).
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

iOS: 1.3.6

Ver 1.3.6
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
=== For Game Ver. B & C ===
* Gold Pack Lineup Renewal
 - New & Enticing Monsters!
* Skill Balance Adjustments
 - Poison Field, Poison Imbue, Toxic Breath,
  Dirty Fang, Venom Haze, Vanitas Wind

iOS: 1.3.5

Ver 1.3.5
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
=== For Game Ver. B & C ===
* New Age Dominance Campaign Start
 - Upper Class, Cost 4.5 SR Monsters!
* Quests Added
 - Demihuman, Undead, Spirit Research Lab Construction Quest Added
* Beginner Protection Period Bonus Implemented
 - Shop effects are given for 10 days after creating a new Character.
  ・ All Resource Production +15% (Wood, Stone, Iron, Food)
  ・ Monster ATK & DEF +10%
  ・ Monster EXP +30%
 - For 10 days after creating a new Character, the regeneration time for
  Dungeon Dispatches is decreased to 1 Dispatch every 2 hours, and
  the maximum Dispatch count is increased to 10 times.
  (Standard is 1 Dispatch every 6 hours and max count of 4 times.)
 - The Beginners Protection Period Bonus will not be given to users
  who have moved from a previous Season.
* Silver Pack Lineup Renewal
 - New UC Monsters Added
* Monster Illustration Fix
 - Ice Queen
* Help Detail Fix
 - Invite, Serial Number categories removed.
 - Changed Monster name in list
  from “Kouryu” to “Yellow Dragon”.
 - Monsters from “Newborn Menace” added to the list.

iOS: 1.3.4

Ver 1.3.4
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
=== For Game Ver. B & C ===
* Memorial 3 Million Campaign!
 - Platinum Tickets Implemented
* Skill Adjustments
 - Grand Slam
  When using Normal Attack, randomly attacks an enemy
  in range 2 to 4 times.
  Skill Range: Depends on Monster
 - Ravage Claw
  Reduces Range by 1 to all enemy monsters in range for 3 turns.
  Skill Range: 5
* Fixed where players in the Beginner Protection Period cannot
 Abandon Alliance.
* UI Fix
 - “OTHER” tab added to the Present Box.
* “Invite” & “Number” function removal fom the Main Menu.

=== Found issue in Ver.1.3.4 ====
* Erroneous Skill description for Ravage Claw.
 Incorrect: Reduces Range by 1 to all friendly monsters in range for 3 turns.
 Correct: Reduces Range by 1 to all enemy monsters in range for 3 turns.
 This Skill is targeted at enemies as stated in the correct description.


# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
=== For Game Ver. B & C ===
* Help Notations Added
 - Added notations regarding Monsters from the
  Barbaric Warcry Campaign to the list.
 - Added notations regarding authority expansion of Alliance Lord’s Aide.
* Fixed Minor Issues
 - Fixed issue where the App force closes when transitioning screens with
  Synthesis, Action, City buttons immediately after changing
  to the Unit screen.
 - Fixed Skill Descriptions
  ・ Skill Range Notations Added (Gorgon Gaze/Coral Prophecy)
  ・ Fixed Skill Effect notations for non-Japanese (Curse Blade/Silence Field)
  ・ Fixed unintended notation for Chance of occuring
   in Game Ver. C for French. (Lemegedon)
 - Japanese Monster Name Fixes
  ・ Fixed the Japanese spelling for “Troll Artillery”.
 - English Monster Name Fixes
  ・ Taros → Talos
  ・ Guytrash → Gytrash
  ・ Hobgoblin DarkKnight → Hobgoblin Dark Knight
  ・ Goblin Swordman → Goblin Swordsman

iOS: 1.2.8

Ver 1.2.8
# All current Worlds are Game Ver. B.
* Kingdom Conquest 1st Year Anniversary Campaign!
 - New Monsters and Skills are here!
* When an Alliance Lord's account is banned, "Automatic Replacement of Alliance Lord" rule is used.
* Updates & Bug fix:
 - Fixed the Request to View Forum confimation text window size.
 - Fixed Report text when attacked by Raid.

iOS: 1.2.5

Ver 1.2.5
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection sceen.
=== For Game Ver. A & B ===
* Implementing the Skill Enhance system expansion.
* New Monsters and Skills have arrived!
 - New Dragon Race
* App Key now displayed in the Options Screen.
* Fixed the Friend Invite screen.
* Fixed issues caused when using iOS5.
 - Fixed:”(1) Difficult to read the Confinement Time Setting”

iOS: 1.2.1

Ver 1.2.1
# Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection sceen.
=== For Game Ver. A & B ===
* Updated Dungeon Mode!
 - Improved enemy behaviors!
* You can now join forums of other Alliances!
 (Only when the request is accepted)
 - You can now send request to join in another Alliance Forum "personally".
  Alliance Lords can also send request to join in another Alliance Forum
  with the entire "alliance".
 - Players can leave these Forums.
 - Alliance Lords that accepted the request can expel others in the Forum.
 - "ONLY" button to create a thread just for your own Alliance member to see.
* Improved Map view UI:
 - Territories owned by other Subsidiary Alliance (non-affiliated with player)
  will now be colored in white.
 - The name of Parent Alliance’s Lord will be shown below the Subsidiary
  Alliance name, in territory description owned by the subjugated player.
 - Implementing DP icon to show whether a tower has been occupied or not.
* Improved Monster synthesis UI:
 - Displaying the skill level in Monster list.
 - Displaying the skill level when synthesizing and removing skills.
* Deleted the confirmation window when removing monsters/equipment.
 - Implementing a list to scroll on the upper screen.
* Facebook Connect measures:
 - Deleting the Facebook cache when opening the "Account Management"
 - enables the user not to delete and download the game during
  the Facebook connect error.

iOS: 1.1.8

* マップ表示速度向上のため、読み込みデータの削減・圧縮による最適化
- データ軽減のための変更点
・ 本拠地・拠点以外の領地名は変更不可になります。
・ 既に入力されていた本拠地・拠点以外の領地名は削除されます。

* 端末のステータスバーの表示
- ゲーム画面上部の「資源情報」部分をタップすると、端末の通信状態・時刻・バッテリー残量などを表示。
- iOS4.x以降:再度同じ部分をタップするか、一定時間経過で、「資源情報」に戻ります。
- iOS3.x:一定時間経過で、「資源情報」に戻ります。

* ゲーム内時間(JST)の表示
- ゲーム画面下部に追加しました。

* メール・掲示板のプレイヤーネームをボタン化
- メールの差出人・掲示板の書き込み名をボタン化
- ボタンをタップすると、プロフィール画面に遷移します。

* 盟主交代を決定後、交代完了までに24時間かかるように変更。

* ショップで購入したコスト +0.5が期限切れになった場合に、ユニットから魔獣が解除されないように変更。

* ネットワーク回線の切断などで、ダンジョンでのプレイが中断した場合に、出撃回数を減らさないように変更。

* 出撃ユニットが、メンテナンス時間中に到着する場合の不戦処理
- 他のプレイヤーが所有している土地(城・砦・領地・塔)全てで、戦闘が発生しないように変更。
- 自分の領地・同盟員の領地・配下同盟の領地では戦闘が発生します。
- 空白地では、戦闘が発生し、占拠も可能です。

* ダンジョンルーム選択画面でのルーム表示条件の変更
- 出撃できないダンジョンのルームを表示。

* Compressing /optimizing data files in order to improve the map receiving speed.
 - Changes done to reduce data files.
  ・ Changing the Land name (excluding Castles, Forts) will not be possible after the update.
  ・ Any Land name (excluding Castles, Forts) that was altered will be set back as default.

* Indications of status bar on devices.
 - The connection status, time, and battery status will be indicated if Resource Information on the upper screen is tapped.
  ・ (Versions later than iSO4.x) - retap status bar, or will return to Resource Information after few seconds.
  ・ (Version iOS3.x) - will return to resource information after few seconds.

* Time indication.
 - In-game time (JST) will be shown on the lower screen.

* Added a tapping feature linking to player's profiles from Mails & Forums.
 - Tapping a player name in mails & forums will lead to the user's profile.

* Changing Alliance Lord will take exactly 24hours after confirmation.

* Monsters will stay in the assigned unit even after the cost +0.5 expires.

* The number of dispatches will not be used if disconnection occurs during the play in dungeons.

* Changed the feature regarding the units attacking to assigned land during the maintenance period.
 - Battles will no longer take place in other players owned lands (such as castles, strongholds, territories & towers)
 - Though, the battles within allied, subsidiary allies, and your own territories WILL take place.
 - The battle in barren lands will take place and can be conquered.

* Changed listing settings in dungeon lobby.
 - Listed dungeons that cannot be dispatched(yet) in lobby.


・improvement of Chinese text.
・Fixing the issue in which attention changing the monster is not display correctly.

iOS: 1.1.6

・Fixed the Game Center account creation issue with iOS4.1.x.