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Headquarters: Poland

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Lanser was one of the largest sellers of consoles and accessories in Poland.

Distributed consoles

  • Sony Playstation - from January 1, 1996, the company was the official distributor of the console in Poland. This was caused by problems between the Sony representation in Poland which did not want to deal with the sale of the console.Consoles were expensive and only 1000 were sold. From June 1, 1996 Sony Poland announced that it will become a distributor and Lanser continued selling games and accessories to the console.
  • Sega Saturn- initially Lanser sold accessories and games to this console.Many employees have received in 1996 an offer from Bobmark International for the position of Product Manager for the Sega Saturn console. At the end of 1997, the company became a distributor of Sega and tried to continue to promote the console without much success.
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color- In 1999, the company became a distributor of the console, however, it did not have much success.
  • Sega Dreamcast - Released in 2000[1][2]
  • Sony PlayStation 2



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