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LeapFrog Didj
Manufacturer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Release Date RRP Code
LeapFrog Didj
$89.99 ?

The LeapFrog Didj is a handheld console made by LeapFrog Enterprises. The Didj was priced at $89.99 when it debuted on August 22, 2008. In line with LeapFrog's other hardware, the console is marketed as an edutainment console for children, with software based on licensed properties such as from Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel and Sega.

The Didj ran on an embedded Linux distribution[1] making it an affordable hacking platform for hobbyists compared to more traditional gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS. A number of homebrew applications have been made for the Didj, including a port of the gpSP emulator.[2]

Sega support

Sega produced at least one game for the system, a specialised conversion of Sonic the Hedgehog. As with most games for the Didj, Sonic the Hedgehog came with educational minigames for children such as spelling, grammar and vocabulary activities.