List of Master System accessories in the United Kingdom

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The following is a list of Sega Master System accessories released in the United Kingdom.

Title Manufacturer Release Date RRP Catalog Num.
Control Pad (Master System) Sega £6.95[1]
Control Stick Sega 1987 £14.95[2]
3-D Glasses Sega 1987-10[3] £39.95[4][2]
Rapid Fire Unit Sega £5.99[1]
Light Phaser Sega 1987-08[3] £44.95[3][4]
SG Commander Hori (JP), Sega (EU) £9.95[1]
BolliStick Cheetah £?
Remote Control System WKK £29.99More...[5]
Speedking Konix £12.99[6]More...[7]
Joystick Turbo Pro Turbopro £?
Handle Controller Hori (JP), Sega (EU) £39.95[8][9]
Starfighter 3W QuickShot £?
Advanced Gravis Switch Joystick Gravis £39.99
Wireless Controller (QuickShot) QuickShot £?
SG Superboard QJ £?
Argostick Cheetah 199x £?
Competition Pro Star Competition Pro £?
SG-2 Honey Bee, Competition Pro £?
QuickShot XVI QuickShot £?
Python 1M QuickShot £?
Maverick 1 QuickShot £14.99[10]
Ultimate Superstick Beeshu 1991 £31.95[11]
Flight Grip QuickShot £8.99[10]
QuickShot XV QuickShot £?
Intruder 1 QuickShot £24.99More...[12]
Aviator 1 QuickShot £29.99More...[12]
MegaStick II Saitek £?
MegaGrip II Saitek £?
Pro Action Replay (Master System) Datel 199x £39.99[13]
Supreme Sureshot 199x £?
Crystal Power Play 1990 £12.99
The Bug Cheetah £14.99[10]
Demo Unit II Sega £?
Manix Twins Competition Pro £?
Zoomer Beeshu 19xx £44.95[1]