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LosAuténticosCromosdeLosDinosauriosdeBollycao Book ES 1993.pdf
Los Auténticos Cromos de Los Dinosaurios de Bollycao
Publisher: Panrico
Genre: Sticker Book
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Los Auténticos Cromos de Los Dinosaurios de Bollycao[1][2] (The authentic stickers of the Dinosaurs from Bollycao), is the name of a collection of 60 stickers and respective sticker book distributed in Spain by the Spanish multinational bakery product manufacturing company Grupo Panrico[3][4][5] (Panificio Rivera Costafreda S.L.[3], founded as Panrico Donuts in 1962[3], in Esplugues de Llobregat, by Andreu Costafreda Montoliú[6][7][8][9] and D. José Javier Rivera y Larraya [10][6], V Marquis of San Nicolás de Noras, two businessmen from Barcelona, Spain) and composed by 10 "3D" stickers, 10 clear background stickers and 40 regular stickers featuring several species of dinosaurs.

The stickers were distributed one per packet, bundled in Bollycao buns (little hot dog buns with chocolate filling) one of Panrico's flagship products (a brand currently owned[11] by Grupo Bimbo) and consumers could win a Sega Game Gear console, Game Gear video games or a wristwatch just having to look for the "prized stickers" in packets of Bollycao buns in order to win.