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MadCatz6 MD.jpg
Mad Catz 6 Button Controller/High Frequency Control Pad/Gamester MD-6
Manufacturer: Mad Catz
Made for: Sega Mega Drive
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The Mad Catz 6 Button Controller is a third-party controller for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Mad Catz and released variously under the Mad Catz and High Frequency branding. It is, as the name suggests, a six button controller with added turbo features—the logical upgrade from their 3 button variants. Both black and transparent versions exist. Gamester distributed the peripheral in Europe as the MD-6.

An equivalent six-button controller was also released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with the same diverse branding, under names such as the Mad Catz/High Frequency Advanced Control Pad and the Gamester SN-8.


Promotional material

GamesMaster UK 023.pdf

Print advert in GamesMaster (UK) #23: "November 1994" (1994-10-20)
also published in:

Physical scans

Mega Drive, US

Mega Drive, US (High Frequency)
6ButtonArcadePad MD US Box Back HighFrequency.jpg6ButtonArcadePad MD US Box Front HighFrequency.jpg
Mega Drive, US (High Frequency; alt)
Mega Drive, EU
MD6Gamester MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, FR

Third-Party control pads for the Sega Mega Drive