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Welcome to Sega Retro, a new project from the people behind Sonic Retro. We aim to cover everything possible about Sega from the 1940s to today. We currently are working on 14,677 articles and have many more that are requested to be worked on.

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Mega Man: The Wily Wars, known as Rockman Mega World (ロックマンメガワールド) in Japan, is a compilation released in 1994 by Capcom for the Sega Mega Drive containing ports of the first three of the "classic" series Mega Man games, plus a set of bonus stages, collectively called "Wily Tower," to play after beating all three. In the United States, it was released as a Sega Channel exclusive. Some experienced players of the original NES games may notice that the game speed is slightly slower thus making the game in some cases easier, but other parts may become more difficult due to different timings.

In these games the objective is to pick a stage, navigate it defeating enemies along the way with the buster, and beat the robot master at the end of the stage. Once the player defeats the robot master you gain it's weapon to use on a different robot master. In layman's terms it's like a game of rock-paper-scissors. Once you have defeated all the robot masters the player goes to the Wily stages where the final set of levels awaits.

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