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iOS: 1.1.4




iOS: 1.1.4 (EN)

◆ "Ver. 1.1.4" Update Details
・Fixed an issue that force closed the app, without registering the score, after playing songs under certain conditions.
・Fixed an issue that didn’t reflect and save the combo/results on the Results screen after playing certain songs.
・Reduced the number of potential app force closures from memory overload, by streamlining the memory distribution process.

iOS: 1.1.2 (EN)

◆ “Ver.1.1.2�? Update Details
・Changed the Startup Screen
・Changed the Icon

iOS: 1.0.3

バージョン 1.0.3の修正内容

iOS: 1.0.3 (EN)

Updated in version 1.0.3
- Fix slowdown happened in various cases.