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Since the release of the Nintendo GameCube in 2001, Nintendo of Europe has adopted a "colored triangles" system for licensed video games appearing within Europe. These triangles can be found on the spine of the video game box, and currently apply to all GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch software.

Color Name Language(s) Notes
TriangleCover.svg EUR DE, ES, FR, IT, NL
TriangleCover.svg EUR DE, EN, ES, FR, IT
TriangleCover.svg EUR DE, EN, ES, FR
TriangleCover.svg EUR EN, ES, IT
TriangleCover.svg EUR DE, EN, FR
TriangleCover.svg EUR1T2 EN
TriangleCover.svg EXP EN
TriangleCover.svg UXP EN "Not for sale/supply/distribution in the UK"
TriangleCover.svg EUU EN, NL
TriangleCover.svg EUU DE, IT
"Yellow" NEU5 DE, EN, ES, FR, NL
"Aqua" FHUG DE, EN, FR, NL
"Crimson" DE, FR, NL To be confirmed
TriangleCover.svg UKV EN
TriangleCover.svg NOE DE
TriangleCover.svg FRA FR Games published by Nintendo
TriangleCover.svg FRA FR Games published by third parties
TriangleCover.svg FAH FR, NL
TriangleCover.svg HOL NL
"Pink" HUG EN, NL
TriangleCover.svg ESP ES
TriangleCover.svg POR PT
TriangleCover.svg PORT PT
TriangleCover.svg EAP ES, PT
TriangleCover.svg ITA IT
"Yellow-green" SCN DK, EN, NO, SV To be confirmed
TriangleCover.svg SCN DK, FI, NO, SV
TriangleCover.svg SCN EN
TriangleCover.svg SWE SV
TriangleCover.svg SWD DK, SV
TriangleCover.svg SWF FI, SV Finnish before Swedish, presumably for Finnish market
TriangleCover.svg AUS EN Australia and New Zeland. No longer used on spine (it was replaced by OFLC rating images) but still visible on back of box.
"Very light orange" EUB EN, FR, PT
"Very light pink" HAU EN, LU
TriangleCover.svg GAU EN, GR

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