Press release: 1996-09-30: Sega celebrates Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary with exclusive preview of Sega Saturn Net Link

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Sega celebrates Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary with exclusive preview of Sega Saturn Net Link; best-selling 'NiGHTS' also featured at Innoventions exhibit.

 REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 1996--Joining in Walt Disney World's silver anniversary celebration, Sega of America will exclusively unveil its low-cost videogame console TV Web device called the Sega Saturn Net Link at a special Innoventions exhibit.

For the first time, visitors can preview Net Link -- which makes its U.S. debut on Oct. 31 -- and see how Sega has made Internet access on a television set as easy as playing a videogame. Sega will also showcase its "fly-away" hit videogame, "NiGHTS" as part of the Innoventions festivities.

Innoventions guests will be among the first to experience the Internet in a totally new way; Sega Saturn Net Link features Net Link city on Planet Oasis -- a 20-block, 3D "Internet city" complete with a movie cineplex, airport, financial district, museums, and even a shuttle launch pad, as well as a boat-lined canal and cars and buses on the streets.

Users can click on the neighborhood of their choice to find up to 15 different sites they can explore in that content region. More than 225 informative and commercial sites are accessible in the city neighborhoods, including Disney Online, the Smithsonian, the Youth Hall of Fame, Gatorade Sports Drink and Specialized Bikes. Sega Saturn Net Link will also provide e-mail, and Web-surfing functions, and ultimately, networked gaming.

In addition to this exclusive preview of Sega Saturn Net Link, Sega will showcase many of its revolutionary videogames -- including best-seller "NiGHTS" -- at its Innoventions exhibit.

"NiGHTS" features bosses and opponents that bring the most bizarre nightmares to life. A thrashing sea serpent flower, giant hissing black cats and an opera singer on helium (both in sound and shape) are just some of the challenges that Innoventions guests will face in this psychedelic dreamland.

"NiGHTS," is now available as a stand-alone game as well as bundled with the new Sega Saturn 3D control pad for enhanced 3D gameplay. The control pad features a revolutionary new analog thumb pad for dynamic 360 degree movement, as well as a digital directional control pad, making it compatible with almost all previous and future Sega Saturn games.

The Sega exhibit at Innoventions will also feature a sneak peak at several new titles starring the world-famous Sonic the Hedgehog, Pico, Sega's "computer that thinks its a toy" for children aged 3-7; Sega Sports, an all-star line-up of the best sports videogames around; Genesis "up and comers" including "Vectorman 2" and "X-Women;" as well as a variety of PC games from Sega Entertainment Inc. -0-

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