Press release: 1996-10-17: Schools using Sega Saturn Net Link to connect to the Internet

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SANTA CLARA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 17, 1996--Sega of America announced today that 1,100 of its new Sega Saturn Net Link products, the industry's first Internet-ready next generation videogame consoles, will be used to connect students to the Internet in collaboration with Projectneat Inc.

Projectneat is an independent non-profit organization created to donate the tools and services to provide every primary and secondary school in America access to the Internet.

"Learning should be fun and interactive," said Ted Hoff, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Sega of America. "The only TV-based Internet solution -- with CD/Internet hybrid functions -- brings the cyber-world into the classroom to enhance the learning process."

The new Sega Saturn Net Link is especially adaptable for school classrooms because its easy-to-use pushbutton interface and television display make it possible for groups of children to share the experience together. Traditional computer links are more complicated to use and provide only one-on-one interaction.

Seven elementary and secondary schools in the San Bruno Park School District in the San Francisco Bay area will be linked to the Net through Projectneat by the end of this month. "Displaying information on a television screen makes it much easier for teachers to lead group discussions and for kids to search for and discover answers together," said Hoff.

The Sega Saturn Net Link includes a 28.8 kbps speed modem that plugs into the cartridge slot of the Sega Saturn videogame console. It comes with a custom-designed Internet browser that offers a similar feature-set to other popular browsers, but is specifically designed for television screen display.

The Sega Saturn Net Link lets users browse the World Wide Web, send and receive E-mail, participate in bulletin board chats and ultimately play networked multiplayer on-line games.

The Sega Saturn Net Link will be available at retailers nationwide on Oct. 31 for a suggested retail price of $199.99. Combined with the $199.99 SRP for the Sega Saturn console, Sega Saturn Net Link is designed and priced for mass market appeal.

"It's a privilege to introduce first-rate technology that makes it financially feasible for a greater number of people to access the magic and adventure of the Internet," said Hoff. "We wholeheartedly share Projectneat's belief that our children's world will be a better place if they can explore it together on the Internet."

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