Press release: 1997-09-29: Sega Goes For The "Hard Stuff" With $25 Million Fall Advertising Campaign

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Campaign Redefines the Soul of the Sega Experience

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (September 29, 1997) --
Sega® of America today announced its fall advertising campaign which speaks the hard-core gamer's language, not with a loud "SEGA" scream, but with the straight-forward and reassuring promise: "Sega Hard Stuff."

The $25 million "Hard Stuff" campaign, created by San Francisco-based Agency of the Year Foote, Cone & Belding, is rooted in the brand but focused on Sega's great games. The overall message is derived from an emphasis on the finger-bleeding, body aching intensity of the Sega gaming experience. Ads will run in targeted media that speak directly to the video gaming audience.

"This campaign looks straight into the eyes of the Sega gamer and with a wink of humor and a good-hearted jab says we're serious about making great games," said Bernard Stolar, COO, Sega of America. "Our customers are smart, young and defiantly proud. They don't want gore-mania humor or corny messages thrown at them. They want to be challenged with great-playing games, and this campaign is a means to issue that challenge.

Launching in October, the campaign will be heavily weighted in television and print mediums and flanked by direct mail, online, insert post cards and point-of-purchase programs.

The broadcast campaign, which begins airing on MTV October 6, features five different spots for this fall's highlight games: "Sonic RTM," "Last BronxTM," "NBA Action '98TM," "NHL Hockey '98TM" and "World Series Baseball '98TM." The campaign features an eye-catching film technique called "Stop Action Animation," this style of filming makes humans look like animated characters, giving them a playful but serious look. This technique debuts in the TV spot for "Sonic R," a fast-paced 3D racing game based on Sega's mascot SonicTM the Hedgehog.

The print advertising, supporting Sega SaturnTM and Sega Entertainment's PC games, shows the impact of "hard core" gaming and offers up cheat codes and gameplay tips � the information most in demand by dedicated gamers . The ads will run in core video game and PC gaming magazines, as well as in Details, Sports Illustrated, Spin, React, Nickelodeon, Verge, Marvel Comics and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Also starting this season, Sega will begin to advertise in "enthusiast" alternative publications such as Bikini, Skateboarding, Snowboarder, Trans World, Thrasher and Raygun, which will maximize the impressions for crossover readers in the gaming industry.

Sega Saturn print advertising has already begun and includes campaigns for "Sonic R," "Sonic JamTM," "World Series Baseball '98," "NHL All-Star Hockey '98," NBA Action '98," "Enemy ZeroTM," Net Link hardware and game packs and the Sega GenesisTM Mega Hits Series. Sega's PC gaming ads will support "Last Bronx," "NBA Action '98," "Enemy Zero," "Sonic 3D BlastTM," "Manx TTTM" and "DaytonaTM USA Deluxe."

"The 'Hard Stuff' campaign defines Sega, from a product and overall brand standpoint," said Jack Boland, president, Foote, Cone & Belding. "It ties all of Sega's products together � from hardware to games for its consoles and the PC � under a new visual icon based on the playful irreverence that Sega is known for."

Foote, Cone & Belding is managing creative and media services for Sega out of the San Francisco office.

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