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==Retro Genesis HD Ultra 2==
==Retro Genesis HD Ultra 2==
Rebranded version of the model 2 style [[Fei hao HD Retro Game]].

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Retro Genesis is a line of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive consoles released in Russia.

Retro Genesis Modern

N64-like case with Sega Saturn-like controllers. Uses the TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip. Has a 4-position region switch and a NTSC/PAL switch. Comes with 170 built-in games (some in Russian). The controllers have 2 Mode buttons (what would be the L and R buttons on a Sega Saturn controller).

Retro Genesis Modern Wireless

Retro Genesis HD Ultra

Rebranded version of the model 1 style Fei Hao HD Retro Game that added built-in games and stereo sound.

Retro Genesis HD Ultra 2

Rebranded version of the model 2 style Fei hao HD Retro Game.

Magazine articles

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