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Android: 1.2.1

The following changes have been made to improve the Revolve8 experience for everyone:

1) Changes to card unlocks
More cards can now be used at League 1 so that everyone can try out a greater variety of strategies from the beginning!
-Every card from Leagues 1 to 5 have now been placed in League 1.

2) "Receive All" added to Missions
Rewards for all completed missions can be picked up with this new button.

3) Tutorial Skip
Players familiar with the RTS genre can now skip the entire tutorial!

Android: 1.2.0

Hoichi has been added to the game!
-The blind biwa bard. Even the dead can hear his rock and roll
-Hoichi spawns Wraiths that fly towards the enemy

A new Friends feature!
-You can have Private Matches with Friends

Changes to League 11's stage
-A flurry of cherry blossoms decorate the stage!

Changes to the Home screen
-The Private Matches button (now a certain SEGA console) has been moved to the Social menu

Additions to Guild chat
-A button shows up when Card Requests are outside the chat