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Android: 1.11.0

As of December 26 2019, the Revolve8 service has ended
Thank you all for playing until now

Android: 1.10.0

▼Bug fixes

Android: 1.9.0

▼New event added!
Introducing a long-awaited new event.
Win battles and earn luxury rewards!

▼New minion “Big Red Ogres” is added!
An Ogre child who grew faster and rapidly than everyone else.
He became able to handle his sought-after big club
Now he is patrolling Imago in search of bad guys.

▼ New “Rocky Iced Lake” magic added!
The path to go to meet your lover.
The cold air and sharp ice cubes renders it impossible to move well.
A troubled love road.

▼Bug fixes

Android: 1.8.0

▼ New stage “Five Elements Mountain Prison” added!
A natural prison built on the sharp rocky peaks in the Five Elements Mountain
Even if you escape, it will be impossible to descend unharmed.

▼ New minion “Honeybee Swarm” added!
They all came together on information that there was delicious flower nectar.

▼ New hero “Frog Princess” added!
A lovely lady who behaves tastefully.
Is it true that if you don’t hide your true face, you won’t be able to show your true self?

▼Bug fixes

Android: 1.6.1

▼Implementation of friend invitation function
Invite your friends and receive a jewel or gold present!

▼Change in notation
Updated intra-game descriptions and links

▼Bug fixes

Android: 1.6.0

▼New hero “Shepherd Boy” has been added! The boy who lied too much and became a wolf through divine punishment. If he lies just one more time might become a real wolf?!

▼New minion “Big Goblin” has been added! Introducing the goblin who should be the chieftain of the Crow Goblins! He is an aerial minion with awesome solo attacking performance and moderate HP.

▼Bug fixes

Android: 1.5.0

New building Guard Turret and new minion Goat have been added!

BGM during battle can now be selected!
Change BGM from the settings!

New building Guard Turret!
A building that can attack both ground and air, Guard Turret now added!

New minion Goat!
A cute Goat that charges at buildings now added!

Exchange function added to the Shop!
Extra cards sent to the Gifts box can be exchanged for Gold Bookmarks!
An Exchange where you may exchange Gold Bookmarks for items will be added!

Android: 1.4.0

The following changes have been made to improve the Revolve8 experience for everyone:

Thumbelina has been added to the game!

Mission Points have been added to the game!
Collect Mission Points, which can be obtained by clearing missions to get a reward.

Added a list of recommended Guilds.
A list of recommended Guilds for players that are not in a Guild will be displayed.

Fixed various issues.

And more! See the in-game news for the full list of changes.

Android: 1.3.0

This update adds Heidi and Costumes to the game!
The battle UI has now been improved!

-Heidi disguises herself as a goat to ambush your opponent!

Unranked Matches
-You can now play unranked Matches from the Home screen!

-Costumes apply to all 3D models for that character.

Visual Changes during Skills
-The camera no longer zooms in on your opponent’s Heroes.
-Zoom for your Heroes can now be turned off.

And more! See the in-game news for the full list of changes.

Android: 1.2.1

The following changes have been made to improve the Revolve8 experience for everyone:

1) Changes to card unlocks
More cards can now be used at League 1 so that everyone can try out a greater variety of strategies from the beginning!
-Every card from Leagues 1 to 5 have now been placed in League 1.

2) "Receive All" added to Missions
Rewards for all completed missions can be picked up with this new button.

3) Tutorial Skip
Players familiar with the RTS genre can now skip the entire tutorial!

Android: 1.2.0

Hoichi has been added to the game!
-The blind biwa bard. Even the dead can hear his rock and roll
-Hoichi spawns Wraiths that fly towards the enemy

A new Friends feature!
-You can have Private Matches with Friends

Changes to League 11's stage
-A flurry of cherry blossoms decorate the stage!

Changes to the Home screen
-The Private Matches button (now a certain SEGA console) has been moved to the Social menu

Additions to Guild chat
-A button shows up when Card Requests are outside the chat

Android: 1.1.1

Improvements to Stamps
Stamps now show their on/off status

Bug Fixes

Android: 1.1.0

New Character
Princess Kaguya has been added!
She hits people with a moon!

New Feature: Private Matches
Play practice matches with your friends!

Better Replay Playback
Replays can be viewed at 2 and 3 times speed!

Other Changes

Deck Copying

Gameplay Changes
Starting Ink increased from 5 to 7.

Persistent dragging during Skill cut-ins
Drag commands are no longer cancelled during Normal Skill and SP Skill Cut-ins!

Automatic SP Skill skipping

Android: 1.0.2

Bug fixes