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Sega Direct
Current owner(s): Sega
Created on: 1999-04-27[1]
Status: Offline

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Sega Direct (セガダイレクト), previously Dreamcast Direct (ドリームキャストダイレクト) was an online store operated by Sega between 1999 and 2008, allowing Japanese cusomters to purchase official Sega products.

As its original name suggests, Sega Direct spent the first few years of its life selling Sega Dreamcast-related goods. Many products were exclusive to this store, including special Dreamcasts, VMUs, controllers and in some cases even games (for example, special editions of Segagaga). By late 2002 it had branched into other Sega-related things (hence its name change), but continued to sell Dreamcast hardware and software (including refurbished consoles and repair services) until its demise.

Sega Direct closed on the 3rd April, 2008, being replaced with the Enterbrain-managed Sega Store.


Note: De La Jet Set Radio and Segagaga would later get retail releases.

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