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Despite its relatively short lifespan in comaprison to Nintendo's Game Boy, there were numerous Sega Game Gear models and bundles released during the early 1990s.


Sega Game Gear

Dozens of Game Gear bundles were released in Japan, but the first release was a bare-bones one - just a black console, no games.

Sega Game Gear (with Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

A bundle containing Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Sega Game Gear (with J. League GG Pro Striker '94)

A bundle containing J. League GG Pro Striker '94.

Sega Game Gear (with Sonic Drift)

A bundle containing Sonic Drift.

Sega Game Gear (Light Blue)

Around 1992 Sega released coloured Game Gears. Including this blue one....

Sega Game Gear (Red)

...this red one....

Sega Game Gear (Yellow)

...and this yellow one.

Sega Game Gear (White)

White Game Gears were also released, however these were not sold in stores. Only 10,000 were manufactured and were only given to developers or those directly associated with Sega. White Game Gears came with their own white TV tuners and case.

Sega Game Gear (Magic Knight Rayearth edition)

A special Magic Knight Rayearth edition Game Gear.

Sega Game Gear (Coca Cola Kid edition)

A special Coca Cola Kid edition Game Gear.

Sega Game Gear (Virtua Fighter Mini edition)

A special Virtua Fighter Mini edition Game Gear.

North America

Sega Game Gear

Initial North American Game Gears included Columns as a pack-in.

Sega Game Gear with Sonic the Hedgehog

Early in 1992, Columns was replaced by Sonic the Hedgehog as the pack-in game.

Sega Game Gear: The Core System

Like the Sega Mega Drive, Game Gears with the subtitle "The Core System" were released in 1993. The purple/pink box stripe debuted at this time.

Sega Game Gear (Sports Edition)

In 1993, Sega released a Game Gear bundle containing a blue Game Gear and the game World Series Baseball. This Game Gear stands as the only coloured Game Gear to be released outside of Japan. It is also a darker blue than the Japanese blue model.

Sega Game Gear (Majesco)

Majesco manufactured and distributed Game Gears across the region in 2000. Majesco Game Gears can be identified by their non-coloured logos and purple start buttons. They have better screens and a longer battery life, but are incompatible with the TV Tuner.


Sega Game Gear

Though the Game Gear performed reasonably well in Europe, few bundles were released and all systems were black.

Sega Game Gear + (with AC Adaptor and Sonic the Hedgehog)

This 1992 bundle paired the console with an AC Adaptor and Sonic the Hedgehog. The bundle was officially known as "Sega Game Gear +".


Game Gear

As with other regions, the first batch of Game Gears to hit Brazil were black. However, Brazilian Game Gear packaging used a similar design to that of the Sega Master System in western regions - white boxes with a grey grid.

Game Gear (with Columns and Sonic the Hedgehog)

Later releases of the system had much more colourful packaging designs, and were bundled with two games, Columns and Sonic the Hedgehog.

South Korea

Handy Gam*Boy

The Game Gear also saw a release in South Korea as the Handy Gam*Boy in 1991. It is unknown how many were released.

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