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Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PlayStation trophy
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementWordUpBackToOuterSpace.jpg Word Up! Back To Outer Space! 40
[TJ&E] Clear a Random World.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementSmellYaLaterEarth.jpg Smell Ya Later, Earth! 40
[TJ&E] Clear the Fixed World.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementTheLongRoadToFunkiness.jpg The Long Road To Funkiness 30
[TJ&E] Obtain a rank of FUNK LORD.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementTheMailboxAteMyMail.jpg The Mailbox Ate My Mail 15
[TJ&E] Defeat a Demon Mailbox.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementFallenAngel.jpg Fallen Angel 15
[TJ&E] Defeat a Cupid.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementWhWhWhatTimeIsIt.jpg Wh-wh-what Time Is It!? 5
[TJ&E] Wake up from a nap.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementThisEarthFoodIsntHalfBad.jpg This Earth Food Isn't Half Bad! 15
[TJ&E] Eat all of Earth's delicacies.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementItsAllAboutTheKicks.jpg It's All About The Kicks 5
[TJ&E] Dash with the Super Hitops.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementWereUnstoppable.jpg We're Unstoppable 5
[TJ&E] Fly across water using the Rocket Skates.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementUpUpAndAway.jpg Up, Up, And Away 5
[TJ&E] Fly using the Icarus Wings.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementEvenAdultsLikePresents.jpg Even Adults Like Presents 15
[TJ&E] Snag some goodies from Santa.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementLovinThisEarthLifestyle.jpg Lovin' This Earth Lifestyle 10
[TJ&E] Jump in the bath on Floor 0.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementPeaceReturnsToOurHome.jpg Peace Returns To Our Home 50
[TJ&E2] Clear the game.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementInnerChild.jpg Inner Child 30
[TJ&E2] Clear "Lil' Kid Mode".
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementTakeBackTheSkies.jpg Take Back The Skies 20
[TJ&E2] Defeat a duck on a flying carpet.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementI'llJustGoOnAhead.jpg I'll Just Go On Ahead 15
[TJ&E2] Find a Warp Room.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementCleanBetterFasterEasier.jpg Clean Better, Faster, Easier! 15
[TJ&E2] Suck up 4 or more things at once with the Funk Vacuum.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementFeelinKrazy.jpg FeeLiN' KRaZy! 15
[TJ&E2] Go into Panic Mode.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementTheJingleOfChange.jpg The Jingle Of Change 5
[TJ&E2] Use some Coins.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementShakeRattleAndFall.jpg Shake, Rattle, and Fall! 10
[TJ&E2] Shake 5 presents out of a single tree.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementSorryIJustCan'tHelpMyself.jpg Sorry, I Just Can't Help Myself! 10
[TJ&E2] Have a laughing fit.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementTreasuresJustOutOfSight.jpg Treasures Just Out Of Sight 10
[TJ&E2] Use the Funk Scan.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementCan'tHideFromMe.jpg Can't Hide From Me! 15
[TJ&E2] Find an Earthling hidden in a plant.
SVCToeJam&EarlAchievementABigWetKiss.jpg A Big Wet Kiss 5
[TJ&E2] Give a blowfish an underwater kiss
Totals: 400