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Software Studios
Headquarters: Southampton, United Kingdom[1]
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Software Studios was a British video game developer[1] active in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Little is currently known about Software Studios. It is said to have been the development division of Electric Dreams Software, though this likely incorrect, as the Software Studios name outlived the period where Electric Dreams published software.

Software Studios were responsible for handling Activision-owned properties in Europe (including Sega IPs licensed by Activision), sub-contracting development work to the likes of Images Design, MD Software or Focus. The role Software Studios played in these circumstances is also unknown - they may have simply been co-publishers, or may have had a hand in development, managing smaller studios responsible for graphics, programming or sound.


Note: Software Studios may have produced every Activision-branded Sega port - there is insufficient evidence at present to prove it at this time.


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